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Cat quizzes

Cross-posted to teunc:

If you were a cat!
Name / Username
Your age would be: 7 years
You would look like:
This quiz by schmeanna - Taken 3776 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

Cross-posted to teunc:
What Makes You Purr? by bluemystique82
Favorite Food:
You purr when:you get a treat
You as a kitten:
Quiz created with MemeGen!

This morning, I finally met my new Ph.D. student, Waleed Al-Jandal, who has an M.S. degree from Ball State. zengeneral overheard me telling Waleed about BNJ and the KDD Lab, and jumped in to help with recruiting. (Good job! I might not tell the new Japanese students of your weakness now. OTOH, maybe I will... if you want.)

After this, I went over to the Union, ran into an old friend, caught up on some things.
Lunch was at Pizza Hut.
istari_ala: The one in Aggieville (probably the only one you frequent) has a very annoying habit of blaring a station with lots of Britney Spears songs mixed in with decent 80s hits.

Also irritating: in front of Nichols, there is a chalk ad for the Gay/Straight Alliance, reading "It's OK to be gay". The last word was scuffed out and almost unreadable.

Papers are on the table for CIS 798. I'll post them tomorrow.

What is this, "Prophecy Girl"?!
    -banazir, on masaga's offer to flatline and then resuscitate zengeneral in fulfillment of his dead-by-31 premonition

NB: Should Kendra (or Faith) join KDD and give zengeneral a hard time as a result, well, let's just say yours truly won't complain. :g:


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