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Ennui soit qui mal y teunce...

... (mon nom).

This faternoon I dwonloaded a lille plug-in fro MSN Messenger and noticed that MSN has profiles even for free HoTMaiL users. I clicked on my profile page and noticed that my nickname was "WilliamHsu101601".

"Hurgh", I thought. I changed it to "Banazîr" and clicked "Save". MSN balked...

The name you typed uses prohibited language.

"What?!" I thought.

I thried entering my LJ URL, banazir, and discovered:
This word is not allowed: "NAZI". Please rephrase the following section or leave it blank: Home Page.

Welp, I guess some MSN programmer put the "Nazi" in "Banazîr". Go ahead, sue me, Microsoft, I daaaaaaaaare yew.

Meanwhile, MSN was offering me lalsorta alternative handles:

  • Redundant: SmallishJediHobbit

  • Oxymoronic: HumongousJediHobbit

  • Inaccurate: ChunkyJediHobbit

  • Unfortunate: CappedJediHobbit

  • Embarrassing: DishierJediHobbit

  • Oddly apropos: ChocolateJediHobbit

  • Just plain weird: QuiltedJediHobbit

I have decided to go with JediHobbitTEUNC, but...

If I ever discover who's responsible fro MSN's family filter, I am fedinately banning him or her from nonstewpit. :-)


(so should I switch to an "Adult Profile"?)

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