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Return to Badgerworld

First and foremost:

Happy birthday, chevronsha!

My gift to you is this Wraith Inna Box for when work gets stressy.
Take him out and feed him... whomwhatever you like.

MMORPG Design Meme

Pursuant to my last thread on this topic:

  • What do you think defines a good computer-based multiplayer, on-line, role-playig game? Please name one hallmark property.

  • Which aspects of "mundane life" should be retained in such a game, and why? e.g., farming, cooking, weaponsmithing, technology development, writing, everyday diplomacy...

  • Which aspects of "mundane life" do you feel are quotidian enough to omit from games, and why? e.g., any of the above, or something even more boring

  • Would you use terrain generation software if it were fully automatic, subject to some built-in and some gameplay-driven constraints?

  • If you had chance to import "cameo" characters from an SF fandom (print or film and TV) into a massively multiplayer world, would you take it? Why?

If you have an interest in RPGs (online or otherwise) and answered this set of questions, please repost it in your LJ.


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