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What we have here is a failure to flush

The Great Nichols Hall Toilet-Flushing Meme

I was going to make this entry a brief rant about how I installed Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 and my ThinkPad still seems unable to hibernate without my shutting down most applications by hand, but instead I will make this a longer rant about how peoplemen who work and go to classes in Nichols Hall seem to forget to flush toilets when they are through with them.

Since I'm not naming names (and couldn't if I wanted to), I am going to be rather brutally honest here. I will not put this behind an LJ cut, as it would defeat the purpose, but I will refrain from graphic comments for the sake of the squeamish. That said, not flushing the commode does not protect the water closet user from witnessing some graphic things.1

Those of you who happen to work at KSU and in Nichols may wish to propagate this meme in your LiveJournals or Blosxom and Drupal blogs.
Meme: I'm banazir. I am one of the people who works and teaches or attends classes in Nichols Hall on the campus of Kansas State University. Recently I have found it necessary to flush the toilets in the lavatory when I go in to use a stall, because they were not flushed by a previous occupant. Please remember to flush toilets when you use them. It is sanitary and considerate of others. Thank you.

You wouldn't think that would be necessary to post this, but our long-suffering custodian Pauline (the wonderful older lady whom you may often see before noon on the second and third floors, especially in Computer Science or Speech Com, Theatre, and Dance) has confirmed to me that it is indeed not universal practice. Her 3-year old grandniece, she reminded me, knows how to empty out her little kiddie-potty into the big one and flush it. I should hope that grown men can do the same.

That is all; thank you for your time.
:steps off soapbox:

1 In case you are wondering, I am using as many synonyms for "toilet bowl" and for "lavatory" as I can, in the hopes that Google and the Wayback Machine will pick this up and archive it, preserving for posterity the reminder that the restrooms in one's workplace should be cared for with some semblance of sanitary consciousness.


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