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ESPCoR Statewide Conference, 2004


Up with the sun, almost, after a Darkoverian tour1, Bana-style, and 1.5 hours of sleep. Fun, fun! If you've never given 4 or 5 presentations after a single REM cycle, I highly recommend it. :-D


The EPSCoR Statewide Conference went well.

The new Alumni Center is nifty!
After setting up my poster and having breakfast, I called masteralida and walked up to my office to get my green laser pointer.

I'll post a (JPEG-sprouting) summary here shortly.

A couple of the best poster awards for students went to the lipdomics kids. The best faculty poster went to this pic of color gluons as Animaniacs or Spongebob characters, titled Quarks for Kids or some such.

Good news, part two:
Upon arriving home at 16:00, I fired off a quick e-mail to Dr. Talat Rahman, the lead investigator of our collaboration with Dr. Jacques Amar at the University of Toledo. Well, what do you know, the NSF ITR1 is also a go! Senior person on the FIBR, co-PI on the ITR, and the CCLI EMD would round out the trilogy if we get it... one could get used to this trend!

*draws crysknife*

1 Only hempknight could compare MZB to Tupac. Word.
2 Information Technology Research. Ours is a 3-year project to develop parallel kinetic Monte Carlo algorithms for nanoscale materials synthesis. (Nano, nano.)


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