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Bioinformatics Site Visit the First

I met our first of our candidates for the KBRIN bioinformatics position this morning1, at the Morningstar Inn Bed and Breakfast. Of course I had to sit down and eat!

I showed him around the department very briefly, as I shall do with all the interviewees.

His Plant Pathology seminar was pretty good - he's doing data integration.2
Not much data mining, machine learning, or CS, though, despite the talk being titled "Data Integration and Mining" or something to that effect. Not suprising given his background (Ph.D. biology, M.S. in CS).

The talk was nice, though I knew nothing about transposons until I looked them up.

Dinner at Coco Bolo's. Crab-stuffed mushrooms and chile verde.
A hobbit could get used to this interviewing process. :g:

Edit, 02:45 Mon 20 Sep 2004: Oh, and today jereeza broke off our engagement. It's taken me until now to get over it and write about it. Grats to you and Duck, Haxie.

1 ...again after about 2 hours of sleep interrupted in the middle
2 Gotta like a guy whose nickname is LJ. :-P


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