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Bioinformatics Part Three

This one went all right. It was the third of three interviews, and we will be meeting next week to discuss and review. I can't say more yet, of course.

Edit, 06:30 CDT Thu 30 Sep 2004:
Happy birthday, figgylicious!



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Sep. 29th, 2004 10:27 am (UTC)
Let's do the time warp again...
You know, it's really weird to read one of these backdated posts and realize that time references are completely suspect.

"Next week". Is that last week's next week, meaning this week? Or is it this week's next week, meaning next week?

If it's last week's next week, there is currently a 50/50 chance that you've had the meeting, since this week is approximately half over (lunchtime Wednesday).

All of which means I don't know whether to say that I hope things went well, or that I hope things will go well.

P'raps I just just use the present progressive. I hope things are going well.

And p'raps you should check what you have writ for stealth typos (those that fly under the radar of spellcheckers). "discuss ad review"?

Of course, if you are/were/will be planning a media campaign for this, then "ad review" may well be what you mean/meant/will mean to say.

I think I need to work on a blanket and give my brain a rest. Present tense. Tension headache present. Advil will help. Advil and crochet.

Mmmm... Crochet.
Sep. 29th, 2004 10:34 am (UTC)
I live in all times, Denise. It's the nature of being Des(s)ert Power.

However: Rumors of my trask have been greatly exaggerated. I'm back, and backdating shall abate shortly. I do wish folks would reply more (and post more of their own entries, hint hint). I rather enjoy the discussions that we had in this and other LJs in the winter and early spring of this year.

Thanks for catching the typo. As istari_ala, who forced me to go to bed by holding hempknight at wizardpoint (staffpoint? athame-point? p6int of deeath, anyway), can tell you: I was up until 05:00 and getting a little incoherent.

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