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iPods and Cadillacs

Food at any hour, redux: Friends of the family came through on the way to California, where a friend of mine had graduated from Stanford this past May. A banquet dinner with soup at 23:00 is a novelty, and no mistake! (I only did the dishes this time.)

Edit, 04:45 CDT 11 Oct 2004: Lunch at Chipotle. Dan Andresen mentioned the news that:
Newly arrived Duke University freshmen got something considerably snazzier than the usual Blue Devils T-shirts and ball caps: Their goodie bags included a free iPod digital music player engraved with the school's crest and the words "Class of 2008."


The project is being funded with money the school set aside for a one-time innovative technology purpose, and it's not known whether the program will continue after this academic year. The $500,000 price tag includes the iPods themselves, salary for an academic computing specialist and grants to faculty members who participate.

The technology honey-pot part, I kindasorta figured. We have technology fees for that sort of thing, though I should hope a tuition rate hike would get funnelled into, say, a better file server, or equipment (and space) for a student ACM chapter, rather than iPods or even notebook computers. Gee, when did I get all staid and responsible? *thwack thwack*
"I know you can store stuff on an iPod, but I doubt that's what they're generally going to be using them for." Yeah, you and me both.
The university says the unique welcoming gifts, which Apple normally sells for $300, will be used as high-tech educational tools to record lectures, capture scientific data1 and play language-training recordings. But it's not altogether clear to many that the university will be able to carry through on its vow to make the gadgets more than a toy for playing the latest from the likes of Coldplay and Hoobastank.

"I'd hate for my students to only be getting the audio of lectures." Mm-hmm. See above!

Note: masteralida informed me that this was old news. What can I say? I've fallen a little behind. :-D

1 Emphasis added. Yes, because we all know that you can't stem the tide of students thirsting to go around, capturing scientific data. *snorfle*

Getting caught up,

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