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Not a girl, thank you very much

Seen with suricattus, who found it amuzzling (which it is):
You have to figure that some unsavory hobbit shenanigans are going on right there, with that title.

What Kind of Girl Is She?
What Kind of Girl Are You?

Edit, 04:00 Tue 12 Oct 2004: So now, everyone and her brother has taken it, and posted her or his results.
Guys! Stop taking the girl quiz for yourselves!1

Edit, 04:15 Tue 12 Oct 2004:
[04:11:20] hempknight: I took that quiz, banazir
[04:11:29] nobuddy69: me two
[04:11:30] hempknight: told me I was a girl!
[04:11:35] nobuddy69: me two
[04:11:41] hempknight: what a load of crap
'k, y'all are weird. :-P


Hey, I took it, but at least I first filled out results for a hypothetical Neskimo.
Supposedly my type is a hybrid Academic Girl / Granola Girl.
PETA?! :shudder: And the descriptions - gee, stereotype much?

(OK, fine! As a guy viewing myself as a girl: Career Girl. As a girl: Career/Progressive. Like, whatever. :-P)

But as Suri wrote: silly, but a clever marketing device. Though I have to say, most of the male tronkies of my acquaintance seem hell-bent on demonstrating that they would be very, um, scholarly and slutty women. Um. k.

1 miajesbar graciously offered to write one for those of us of the unfemale persuasion. Let's see it, kiddo!


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