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Eternal Sunshine of the Blogless Mind

I ordered one of these out in the spring (May, IIRC), and didn't even know it had come in until miajesbar pointed it out to me! Way nifty.

Order a MindMap, elect a President!

A Portal clicks into another MindMap!quincy, Massachusetts - A Portal clicks into another MindMap!Croydon, London, United Kingdom - A Portal clicks into another MindMap!Claremont , CA - A Portal clicks into another MindMap!A Portal clicks into another MindMap!Manhattan, KansasRijeka, Croatia (Hrvatska)United StatesDenali, AlaskaBrisbane, AustraliaSingaporeShermer, IllinoisWarszawa, PolandHelsinki DC, FinlandHalifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaFulham, London, United KingdomChicago, IllinoisPortland, OregonNo Longer in London, CaliforniaHattiesburg, MississippiFredericton, NB, CanadaNew Haven-ish, ConnecticutNew York



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