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Sleep in Peace, Son of Krypton

I was just sitting down to configure Azureus and watch the Enterprise season 4 premiere from TVtorrents when miajesbar IMed me with the sad news that Christopher Reeve has passed on.

Thanks to hempknight for a bit of musical nostalgia.

Please visit the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation if you would, to learn more about current research and where to direct charitable contributions.

Edit, 06:15 CDT Tue 12 Oct 2004: I would add my own tribute, but as celli has noted, so many have done an eloquent job of it that I think it best to point you to their work.

Edit, 20:15 CDT Tue 12 Oct 2004: The Enterprise episode S4x01 ("Storm Front") was quite good. Reminiscent of the TNG episode "Time's Arrow" and the Voyager episodes "Future's End" (time travel), "Year of Hell" (time travel, and how), "The Killing Game" (Nazis, no time travel). Somehow I was also reminded of the DS9 episode "Homefront".


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