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compscibooks and more GMail

compscibooks is now created.
This is a discussion community for computer science books: textbooks, monographs, even science fiction and general fiction featuring computer science.
I would love to see reviews here, and will cross-post my reviews of CS1, CS2, graphics, AI, and other textbooks there.

Yoinked from dakotamidnight:

Made ya look! (Wlokay, made phawkwood look, anyway. :nirg:)

Your Boobies' Names Are: Elvis

... and by this we discover that breast and penis names are invariant for this blogthing. How, um, original?
(What? It didn't ask for the user's gender, you say? Well, yeah, but it could have used this LJ gender-typing tool to venture a guess!)

In other news: I have six GMail invites again. Please comment here if you'd like one.

Edit, 20:00 CDT: teyla

Which Stargate: Atlantis character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Umm... k.

Edit, 23:45 CDT:
From aricadavidson and oxbastetxo:
Bush (17.5%)
Kerry (82.5%)
How would you vote?
aka How Leftist is LJ, actually?
click here to vote!


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