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The Search: Banazîr's Identity Crisis

Hrm, though it is just psat midnught CST on Tue 29 Apr 2003, it's been well over a daz and a half since I last updetted. I was going to waut until the next evening, but I have something interesting to share:

Today is the occasion of a webcast conference commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Mosaic [1]. (I actually remember that web page; in fact, I think I have a printout of it from Fall, 1993 in my files. That was my first semester in DCS at UIUC.)

Time flies when you're having fun. Time flies liek a banana, also. (To exploit Engrish ambiguity still further: time flies liek bananas acos they are a goond source of potassium.)

On a more personal note: I seem to be having an identity crisis...

To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wot? Huh?

The other daz I learned taht I'm a lille taller than mostlyacat, mirabehn's husband. I know I'm uncommonly large and strong fro a hobbit, but how is taht possible?

Combine this with the fact taht the eople keep telling me I haven't aged in abont 15 yeats and I'm getting a lille worried. Mazbe it's just the entdraught, but I dknot own naz rings... did someone SIKRITly plant one upon me?

I'm a hobbit, traskit! Nesupasu?

[1] Do you all know the trasklol [2] story of Mosaic, NCSA, Marc Andreesen, Jim Clark, Netscape, Spyglass, and MSIE? Along with a few hundred other locals, I watched it unfold first hand, and I was on hand to witness a good five years of the aftermath. Let me know if you have (or haven't) heard the bittersweet tale.
[2] There seems to be a revival in TEUNCologisms today, prolly brought on by crypthanatopsis.


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