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The "Who'd Have Thunk It" Meme

The "Who'd have thunk it?" Meme
This meme encourages to surprise your friends.
(Inspired by tv_elf's TMI meme.)

Tell your friends about the following things that some of them would never have expected:

1. Book that you own
2. Book that you've read
3. Book that you have not read
4. Film that you've seen
5. Film that you have not seen, but want to
6. TV show that you watch regularly, or used to
7. TV show that you have no interest in watching
8. TV show that you would watch (or would have watched) if time permitted
9. Place that you have been
10. Place you would like to spend at least a couple of weeks, time and money permitting
11. Person you have met
12. Person you have not met, but would like to meet
13. Trait of yours not related to your appearance
14. A non-obvious aspect of your appearance
      (Bonus for online friends who haven't seen your photograph) A conspicuous aspect of your appearance.
15. Worst vehicle you or your family ever owned
16. Pop cultural fad you have succumbed to (or escaped from)
17. Cult phenomenon you have put off
18. Longest you've ever gone without sleep
19. Longest you've ever slept
20. Food you really didn't want to try but are glad you did

1. Book owned: Wolf, Naomi. (1998). Promiscuities. Ballantine Books.
    (I have read most of it.)
2. Book read: Schmidt, David A. (1988). Denotational Semantics: A Methodology for Language Development. New York, NY: William C. Brown Publishers.
    (We got a few problems out of this book when I was an undergrad at Hopkins.)
3. Book not read: Brooks, Terry. (1983). The Sword of Shannara. Del Rey.
Another one that teunc may be aware I have not read:
Rowling, J. K. (1998). Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. New York, NY: Scholastic.
4. Film seen: Leprechaun 2 (1994). Unimaginably bad. Really.
5. Film not seen, but want to: Pirates of the Caribbean (2003). The Matrix Reloaded (2003). Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964).1
6. Regular TV show: Brimstone. Starman. (Millenium, The Misfits of Science, and Automan, I believe many of you already knew about.)
7. Show I have no interest in: CSI. Just can't get into it.
8. Show I'd watch if I had the time: I watched a little Sports Night but I would have watched it regularly if I hadn't been working on my dissertation. Nowadays, The West Wing.
9. Place visited: Olympic stadium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Also Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Victoria, in case dragnflye, prolog, and hfx_ben are keeping score.
10. Place I'd like to visit for a fortnight: London, England. Paris, France. Rome, Italy. Beijing, China. Nairobi, Kenya. Sao Paolo, Brasil. Sydney, Australia. Singapore. Geeeeee, I'm original. :-P
11. Person met: Nancy Kress (06 Mar 2003). Sir Roger Penrose (1994). Judea Pearl (1992, 1997, 1998, 2001). Richard Karp (1992), the only Turing Award recipient I've ever met to my knowledge.
12. Person never met: If you were at Illinois, you might be surprised to learn I've never met Duncan Lawrie, the department head before Dan Reed and Marc Snir. I've also never met a single staffer of, nor a single cast member of Peter Jackson's LoTR films.
      Pursuant to the above, I attended a Gillies Lecture by Turing Awardee Butler Lampson, but didn't meet him, and I missed Jim Gray's talk at the Atanasoff Symposium last fall.
13. Trait: True to my being a Libra and having Chinese word for balance (heng2) as my given name: I am a "balancer". I've had what I believe is a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) since late childhood: an affinity for symmetry in arrangements. Pacing, tracing lines in books, and making salads from a salad bar are the most conspicuous examples.
14. Non-obvious aspect of appearance: I am so left-handed that my left arm is visibly more muscular than my right.
      Conspicuous aspect of looks: My default icon is a photograph, but I'll answer this one anyway. I'm nearsighted. I am taller than average for a Chinese person and of average height for an American (178cm, a little over 5'10").
      ETA: American male.
15. Worst vehicle owned by family: Three-way tie. Chevy Nova, Ford Pinto, Dodge Colt.
16. Pop cultural fad: DOOM and Quake (not tried); D&D (tried)
17. Cult phenom not tried yet: GoldenBoy
18. Longest without sleep: 28 hours - March, 1984, flight from Newark, NJ to Taipei, Taiwan
19. Longest slept: 15 hours - March, 1984, after flight to Taiwan
20. Food I'm glad I tried: radish cakes (luo2 buo1 gao1)

1 In case you were wondering: yes, the reference Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars the other night reminded me.


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