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World On Fire: Happy birthday to istari_ala and siocled!

A merry Devil's Night, and to the coolest blue wizard I know, let me be the first LJer to say:

Happy birthday, istari_ala!

Edit, 13:50 CDT: Let me also be the last LJer to say:
Happy birthday, siocled!

Edit, 20:15 CDT: Oi! I missed one, according to tv_elf and bktheirregular!
Happy birthday, butterflykiki!

*defects to Canada*

Sarah McLachlan's new video, "World On Fire" [QuickTime, 17.2Mb]

You must watch it. The message is so very poignant! IMHO it makes "We Are The World" look like the "Amazing Grace" video from Maverick. OK, not a clear example, but watch the video!
(And thank yodge, the Johnny Appleseed of detenteteunciness, for the URL.)

[13:51:04] dragnflye: I spend way too much on computers.
[13:54:56] * banazir too
[13:55:17] banazir: $4500 computer == 50 quijillion vaccinations for UFAT bebes
[13:55:45] yodge: lol
[13:55:59] yodge: yeah now i'm not sure if i can bring myself to buy an iPod.
[13:56:04] banazir: *hugs* Love the video
[13:56:07] banazir: Love love love
[13:58:20] yodge: yay, got it.
[13:58:40] yodge: ok, uploading.
[13:59:53] yodge: it'll take a few mins
[14:00:04] banazir: tytytyty!
[14:00:13] banazir: :hugs Pierre Marchand:
[14:00:17] banazir: :hugs Sarah Mac:
[14:00:55] yodge: poo, it looks like it'll take ages.
[14:00:59] yodge: slow ftp
[14:04:17] banazir: :hugs FTP:
[14:04:20] banazir: :hugs the weeeerld:
[14:04:28] yodge: CALM DOWN!
[14:09:33] yodge: why is yew so happy nazwaz? dknot you realize that your $120 laser p6inter coulda bought 6000 oranges?
[14:11:18] banazir: *sbo*
[14:11:26] banazir: :has a nervous breakdwon:
[14:11:29] banazir: Oh, no
[14:11:37] banazir: $240 therapy session == 12000 oranges
[14:11:40] banazir: nm.
[14:11:43] yodge: lollo
[14:11:44] banazir: :is happy again:
[14:12:01] yodge: silly billy.
[14:12:05] banazir: Save the oranges! Make monoamine oxidase inhibitors!

[14:19:02] banazir: Hey, what does Sarah Mac mean when she says "well it really cost $15"?
[14:19:22] yodge: the actual shot of her sitting and playing the guitar cost them $15.
[14:19:29] banazir: She paid for it out of pocket?
[14:19:32] banazir: Ohh, OK
[14:19:35] banazir: And the rest?
[14:19:36] yodge: the rest of the 150,000 went to the poor eople.
[14:19:49] banazir: OK, so she paid for the shoot out of pocket?
[14:20:02] yodge: nah, it was a charity thing. i think they raised the money for it.
[14:20:03] banazir: But who actually donated to the poor?
[14:20:06] banazir: Ohh, OK
[14:20:18] yodge: i mean, even her record label coulda donated it.
[14:20:20] banazir: So the video was sponsored and they raised matching donation
[14:20:22] banazir: Gotcha
[14:20:31] yodge: since it's a valid music video with lots of buzz.
[14:20:37] banazir: :nod:
[14:21:34] yodge: maybe they paid $5 for the video camera cassette, and $10 to some poor kid to edit it.
[14:21:39] yodge: and add all the graphics.
[14:21:56] yodge: it probably cost more than $15 in reality.
[14:22:11] yodge: unless the services were donated, of course.
[14:22:20] banazir: :nod:
[14:22:35] yodge: i love sarah mclachlan though.
[14:22:36] banazir: Prolly were, or at least paid for with donations aswell.
[14:22:38] banazir: Yes!
[14:22:46] banazir: *hugs Afterglow*
[14:22:54] banazir: *hugs "Train Wreck"*

Articles about the video:


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