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Election Day USA 2004

Spread the Reminder: Vote 11/2/04!

From infairverona, last posted by masteralida

Edit, 11:30 CST: I always tell my students to "exercise their right to vote", which of course, includes the right to refrain as Her Nibs wrote. We may not agree with your reasons for not voting, and it is our right to get out the reminders even if it is annoying to those who have, er, elected not to participate in this round, but yes, we will respect your choice. So, vote if you will, and if you don't, we'll still love you in the morning. Unless Kang and Kodos enslave us all and turn us into gibbering chattel for the Orion Syndicate, of course.
"If you don't sell as a slave, I will sell you as food." Hey, miajesbar and tv_elf! You know how that female Orion turned around to check out her own bids? Yeah... you know a hobbit would, if auctioned for food.


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