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It's not over till its over

Thanks to spaced_oddity and dragnflye for the kind invitations, but I think I'll sit tight and see how this one pans out.
Be it one more night, eleven more days, or four years and one day, I think nephthys510 said it right in infojunkies:
This country belongs to everyone, and the beauty of America is that we are allowed to try to change what we do not like.

Do not let them run you out of your own country, and do not give up on America. Stay and fight. If everyone turns tail and takes off for foreign lands, then America will continue, unchallenged, down this path that so many people hate.

This country is worth fighting for. Take responsibility for your country and exercise your rights to [dissent and] change, and improve it.

If you think your best option is to leave America, then you do not deserve her and how great she can be.

So, I might kid about moving to Alberta, or I might really seek a summer faculty visit (or, later, a sabbatical) there - but I'm not shuffling off the Murkian coil just yet.

Equally, it isn't over until Rosanne Barr sings, as Cousin Balki put it.


10:25 CST: Now it's over. The election, that is. The good fight is never-ending, as neadods so aptly put it.
11:05 CST: Kudos to Senator John Kerry for a gracious and timely concession, and much more praise to him and Senator John Edwards for a well-fought campaign. Thanks as well to those friends on my LiveJournal friends list who are reacting rationally and with good sportsmanship to the news. mirabehn pointed me to this cogent post by smhwpf: "Democracy didn't start on election day, and it doesn't end there." And so remember: elections are not just every four years in this country.


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