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M'aidez! M'aidez! Fry me to the moon!

Fry me to the moon!

C'mon, say it, you know you want to - it's the new toast me!

Update: No sooner had I stopped chuckling at the late Frank Sinatra's interesting song title did I receive the following spam...

Sent: Thursday, 01 May, 2003 10:58
Subject: Sizzling Russian Women Looking For Western Men

... and there you go.

I am more swamped than ever. Deadlines approach from every direction... my office looks as if it has been Shocked and Awed.
"Better busy than bored!" say my aunts and uncles. "Clean desk, cluttered mind!" say my co-workers.
Bha, fry me...

Sadly, it looks as if I shall have to return from Washington, DC on the late afternoon of Wednesday 21 May 2003. Whoever said they'll get along fine without me for a couple of weeks... I tried it (when I went to Alaska), and let's just say it wasn't pretty when I got bax.


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