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Will wrangle sproglets for song and dance

Lo, there were sproglet grandparents going home from Manhattan, KS via California, a very nice dinner, a willing hobbit bebesitter... and cuteness beyond measure.

Big sis: Bana, do you know a song called "We Like The Moon"?
banazir: *choke*
Lille sis: # We like thee moooon, cause eet ees cloose to us... #
banazir: *melt* *huggle*

One more, of Rachel with her gran:

Hey, tv_elf is right: the ending of Enterprise S4x06 was... well Data ex machina. (Wait a minute... that doesn't sound right...) In any case, it was a fun bit of foreshadowing. Hey, I didn't mind "Regeneration", you think I'm going to quibble at this?

While I'm commenting: tv_elf is right about the Trip/T'Pol shippiness being tainted just a tad bit. "I'm proud of you?" New heights of mental challenge, my friend. The love of the halflings' warp manifold has addled your wits!

I laughed just a little too loud at Malek's demise. You see, I had just shown little Rachel the Star Wars fan film
"Two-Ness", which is itself a spoof of "Duality".

From angelfate:

Five Things I Am Grateful For

1. You, loyal readerFriends who are there through thick and thin (and I have learned better than to try to name you all!)

2. The love and support of my family (gondhir, my not naming them here should not be construed as an admission that I have unknown cousins, or stealth ones, or sproglets I won't admit to. See above; if I did, you think I could be kept from showing them orf?)

3. Quail eggs. No, really!

4. J&R Music and Computer World. sui_degeneris mentioned it some time back, and I never paid attention until the time came to replace Vingilot (my dead ThinkPad 600E, Pentium II-366) this past June. After 3 weeks of searching, I finally found J&R's site online, and got Earrame (a ThinkPad T21, Pentium III-800, refurbished, 2 year parts and labor warranty, $750). I trask the hell out of it without remorse, and am way satisfied.

5. My one true concession to frugality or miserliness: textbook desk copies. As you may know, faculty can get evaluation or examination copies of (fairly expensive) textbooks for courses they are about to teach. It's an incentive for course adoptions. Some publishers, such as Cambridge University Press, charge a nominal amount ($10 USD); others, such as Springer-Verlag, require the copy to be returned if the book is not selected as the required text. Most publishers, however, go out of their way to send new titles even when not asked to. Anyhow, I am glad I can get desk copies, or I could justify neither the space nor the cost in a lot of cases. As it is, I get lots of fodder for compscibooks.

Absolut Tenure Corrupts Absolutely

From various peoples by way of havocthecat, and under the rubric of "things I would not have thought to post four days ago" (kidding! sheesh kebab!):
If there is someone on your friends list who you would either like to tie down and have your way with, teasing them mercilessly and making them beg for release, or have them tie YOU down, post this exact same sentence in your journal.

Yes! Well, if by "my way" you mean reliable cell phone service at a low, low pricescintillating conversation over a glass of your drink of choice... yeah, sure. Fater lal, y knot?


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