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Let's make trouble tonight

OK, so David Schmidt, Rod Howell, and Allen Stoughton, who has elected the nickname Alley as an abstraction over the equivalence class {Alan, Allan, Allen, Alain, Alano, Alleyne}, have again inspired us to think up some controversial ideas with respect to the CIS curriculum. Dave confirms that there are indeed 40 (count 'em, forty) hours of required CS courses. "Let's renumber them 1 through 18 and have tracks! Odd, even, prime, Fibonacci..." "How about merging those 40 hours into 28?"

No worries, istari_ala, I'm just joshin' with ya.

zengeneral and I did have a talk about Math 510 (Discrete Mathematics) this morning at 11:00, though. It seems that many of my mentees are coming in having not gotten into 510 in their fourth semester (which I think is already too late), because - get this - the Math department doesn't want to open up any more recitation sections. So they are deferring it to their sixth or even their eighth, when it becomes an issue for CIS 575 (Introduction to Algorithm Analysis). Pardon my Ebonics, yo, but thass just wack.

So, any bright ideas on how to wreak sweet havoc on our curriculum? In particular, what can I offer the Math department as an incentive to take more of our students into Discrete Math? "It can't get any worse!"

Memesheepdom! Baaaa...

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