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Rochester Travellogue, Day 1: Like Water for Snake Soup

Manhattan, KS - Rochester, NY
A Semi-Tronkie Travellogue - Day 1 of 6

06:30 - get up, post LJ
07:00-09:15 - the drive out to KC; complete backup of Earrame's working directories to PC-MCIA CompactFlash and my trusty 12V/350-watt in-car adapted
09:15-10:30 - airport; met a fellow from Pittsburgh State, was too busy pigging out on fruitcake
10:50 - takeoff (MCI to O'Hare)
11:00 - forgot video for Friday!
12:30 - on the ground at O'Hare; called zengeneral, Rahman, Kara, Winfough, miajesbar (cut off by boarding)
17:00 - Asian grocery; called masaga, my grandma, miajesbar
18:30 - books
19:30 - dinner at home
20:30 - vacation movies from Da Li and Shangri-La (this is apparently a standard vacation package, but my fourth aunt's husband has a very different photographic style from that of my dad's brother)
21:30 - playing with a digicam (because I forgot my battery charger at home, wouldn't you know). My aunt once worked at an optometrist's and bought several extra pairs of eyeglass frames to add to her collection. I saw the shades, I saw the mirror, and I couldn't resist concocting an entry for the Mirror Project. Edit, 12:10 CST Wed 24 Nov 2004 - Yes, I know this doesn't qualify, yodge, but I have one that does that I'll submit soon.

Hrm... needs more robotic tentacles.


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