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NaNoWriWe and tanelos discussion

I still can't believe I did NaNoWriMo in what was essentially a week. (Props and high fives to fellow NaNoWriWe folks such as jadziadax, whether due to procrastination or no. The last four days were an experience I don't care to repeat1, but I think I might do nanowrimo again next year - that part was fun.

Of course, andrewwyld's idea of a Procrastinators' Nanowrimo or LaNaNoWriMo is good. I think I will join nowri anyway.

Now, as for tanelos:
I've added a bunch of you (welcome). Any questions or comments, please feel free to post here in this thread.

In other news:

*waves to dragnflye* Be well, Flye. Come back soon!

Lost really reminds us that it is bad for Aussies to let Los Angelans have their babies.
Creepiest frelling thing in the world, mate.

1 Last night was the fourth in a row that I got less than 2.5 hours' sleep, despite finishing! Old habits die hard.


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