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The Coolness Meme, by mirabehn

mirabehn started this coolness meme, and it seemed good, so I decided to do it.
1. Reply to this post if you want to participate.
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post about your supreme coolness.
3. Put this meme in your journal.

I'm going to start with a cross-section of my friends list. If you've been omitted, don't be offended, please; I'll do another one later. :-)

In decreasing order of how long I've known these fine folks:

001 - jereeza is cool because:
1. She's a fantastic artist. Versatile, intimidatingly knowledgeable, able to accomplish feats on the fly that I can't even visualize in my mind, and quick as a cat in any impromptu discussion or work she gets into.
2. She's got very good taste and high standards. Films, music, designs. And dashamus, of course. (Heh.)
3. For some unfathomable reason, she thinks highly of my extraprofessional creative work. I find that tremendously flattering, if a little surprising in light of the first two things above.

002 - hempknight is cool because:
1. He has a lot of names, each of them more flamboyant (but easier to spell) than the previous: O.M., Auggie, Magenta "Danger" Divine, Zolthar, Madame Mysterio, etc. I nominate Ahb, Lord of Bha as his next name.
2. He's intelligent, sharp with 'puters, and quite good with computer graphics software. I mean really good sometimes. At its best his work can sit side by side with David Cherry's, which is saying heck of a lot.
3. Don't let that feigned misogyny fool you, he's actually a fine person. (Oops, I've said too much. What are you doing with that chain gun, Maggie?) Seriously, he's always been willing to lend a hand. Or a monkey tail. Or a tentacle. No, really!

003 - istari_ala is cool because:
1. She doesn't take any freaking nonsense. People who spout garbage about topics political, military, economic, technical, and social should best beware, and be prepared to have their positions scrutinized and challenged. She's often right, too.
2. She has a high opinion of her own opinion, and the self-confidence to back up her words. I've often said I admire her chutzpah, even when I'm on the wrong side of it. :-Dro
3. That said, she really has a soft heart. I've never known istari_ala to be deliberately unkind to anyone.

004 - masaga is cool because:
1. He helps me keep the inimitable zengeneral in check. Kind of like those magnetic guys and Metlar in Inhumanoids.
2. His zany attitude and comical eyebrow belie a tremendous sense of responsibility.
3. He's just an all-around cool guy. The rock-nature is upon him, to borrow an andrewwyld-ism. Katana + artificial intelligence research == the coolness!

005 - yodge is cool because:
1. She's a Christian. Like, a real one! Like, hardcore, d00d, yo.
2. To say she is creatively multi-talented would be a catastrophic understatement. She's a musician (performer, songwriter, manager, and composer, probably in that order), an editor, a critic, a writer, and an all-around teuncy gal. Did I mention music?
3. She has this incredible serenity of spirit and maturity (yes, I said maturity!) that are really remarkable in people much older than she is. I noticed it when I (and the rest of TEUNC) first met her online. She is sweet, kind, caring, responsible, thoughtful, and just a good example in so many ways. Unless you make fun of Perenakan food; then she'll trask your patootie. ;-)

006 - mirabehn is cool because:
1. She is one of the most determined crusaders I know. Idealistic, driven, passionate, compassionate, and considerate, she is the kind of person you really want fighting on your side.
2. Again with the good taste - from what I can tell, her husband mostlyacat is as sharp and as cool a guy as he is a lucky one.
3. She has one of the oddest, quirkiest senses of humor I've ever seen outside of a TEUNC. As many of you know, that's how I first came to LJ: she'd recommended my Tolkien filks to angelislington and the LJ entry came up on some Google search. I e-mailed her for an invite, and the rest is teuncy history.

007 - andrewwyld is cool because:
1. He's a frelling genius, man. How many people do you know who can converse with equal facility on topics as diverse as information theory and glam rock boots?
2. He is the epitome of pantemporal chic. From Douglas Adams to a blue mullet, the guy has it going on.
3. I stand frequently and persistently in awe of his suggestive, Socratically thought-provoking style of thinking on matters great and small. From 9/11 and violent demagoguery to What Women WantTM, Andrew can make you really think about things. Hard. Like, ow, cluster headache hard. Even when he is just tossing out topics for discussion, even when he doesn't know the answer himself.

008 - deire is cool because:
1. She is really funny sometimes. Things that she will just say with a grin have me and a lot of others rolling in the aisles.
2. She has a much higher-powered mind than she gives herself credit for, and a breadth of interests that's frankly astounding: visual arts, writing, history, medical science, CS (and one gets the impression that isn't all). I mean, come on! Seriously.
3. She's one of the most decent people I know, and a kind-hearted person all around.

009 - wiliqueen is cool because:
1. She is (*yawn*) tremendously multi-talented. I personally have only had experience of her clever writing style, keen wit, impeccable skills at designing web pages and LiveJournal themes, and a sense of humor that makes everyone want to get up and snorfle with her. Furthermore, what I've been told about her voice sounds very impressive indeed.
2. Her serious writings are a textbook exercise in "good sense". Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg's character on Star Trek: The Next Generation) said "I like to keep my eyes sharp". Well, this one likes to keep her mind sharp. Just awesome.
3. She has good taste in friends, and like deire, has a lot of them who are very cool in their own right.

010 - miajesbar is cool because:
1. She's my clone. The number of personality quirks and idiosyncracies we have in common is staggering. Mia joked once that we are like clone siblings (of different age and gender), and it's true. From our tastes in ice cream and dessert to our preferences in SF&F writing and television, to (many of) our beliefs, to a few of our odd little hang-ups, we could very well have been decanted from the same container on Cold Station 12.
2. She's modest. A few of my cousins are about as good-looking as she is, and yet she seems refreshingly unconscious of it even compared to them.
3. She's very open-minded. I know of few other people who will listen to a laborious point and give it careful consideration, and respond with their own carefully considered thoughts and opinions, with as much patience as she has. I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful little (clone) sister.

011 - burkhardt is cool because:
1. He's a rather good diplomat. I have seldom met someone with such eminently sensible, uncompromising views who can express them with such aplomb and tact. If you ever need someone to go in when you're on the brink of a war and talk sense into people, this is your guy. Oh, but he can kick some ass on his way out, too.
2. He is really well-balanced: intellectually well-rounded, a good mix of laid-back and driven, and socially and mentally balanced (what can I say, it's true). Smart as hell, too.
3. He has the "hair of a pony" as they said of John Edwards on Saturday Night Live. Desired by women and envied by men! Possibly vice versa!

012 - tv_elf is cool because:
1. As her LJ nickname would indicate, she knows a helluva lot about television. "She vids, she fics" - but moreover, she does it well.
2. She's one of those many people I am blessed to know who has taken adverse circumstances and told them who their daddy is. I am frequently in awe of such folks, especially tv_elf and koinonia. Gives one a little respectful perspective when one is feeling sorry for oneself, it does.
3. She has a sense of humor that I would describe as "masterfully instigative". We are talking phawkwood-class instigation here, people. R0><0r!


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