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Call for Banacartes

This year I am going to try sending out Christmas cards!
If you would like one, please reply to this entry or e-mail hsuwh[AT] on or before midnight CDT Wednesday 08 Dec 2004. Cards will go out some time on Thu 09 Dec 2004 and Fri 10 Dec 2004. If you're on the moon (we like the moon), or in Southeast Asia, they might go sooner.

Please supply your:

  • Real name or convincing alias

  • Mailing address (yes, even if it's in the TEUNC directory; as certain Neskimos have discovered, I am a lazyboy)

My mailing address:

William H. Hsu
Department of Computing and Information Sciences
234 Nichols Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-2302

No UNABOMs, s'il vous plait; I am chock-full of atta><0rs this yeat, and haff not enerf time to reply.

Nasoengmo and Nafodermo: So, wondering what to do now that nanowrimo has wrapped up? Sign up for the guggle Challenge! Like Seinfeld and all good Flaubertian endeavors, we are famously about nothing. National Software Engineering Month and National Formula Derivation Month seem as good a way to accomplish nothing as any. Why can't an equation be for the moment and for eternity?

Eclipse was vain attempt to fight the forces of .NET... WHAAHHAAHA, a fading light in the dark...
    -zengeneral, 05 Dec 2004

Rather apropos for tonight's RP, don't you think?

And if you're the operator [of MS Exchange for Windows Advanced Server 2003], you say, "huahah, I'm the Devil!"
    -zengeneral, 03 Dec 2004


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