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The Coolness Meme, Part 2

Cool people 001 - 012 and the original meme

Continuing where I left off...
In decreasing order of how long I've known these fine folks:

013 - tamf is cool because:
1. She's lellow and teuncy and just the bestest ever. If TEUNC has a heart, she isate it.
2. She's brilliant. Her sense of humor, writings, poems and songs, photography, even her pet AI. Just, like, wow!
3. She is down with the Tamilent-rumblings and no stranger to the polysymphonic, polysyllabic wibble. You're a lucky monocot, oskeladden, though you don't seem the type who needs reminding. ^_^

014 - carida_46 is cool because:
1. She is creative, generous, and lovely in every sense of the word (even at 0500 when she's mad at her photographer). Her friends are always overjoyed to see her.
2. She is well-aged and full of wisdom for our poor, tender heads.
3. She takes good care of people when we're feeling bewildered and overwhelmed. Me, Dlanod, istari_ala, gondhir, jereeza, yodge... the list goes on. Just look at everyone she replies to!

015 - oskeladden is cool because:
1. He's a wordsmith. Um, no, not a smith, that's too metallic. Not a wordsman, either; it smells of axes. Hoom. A word-gardener. That's it, I think.
2. He knows how to keep his friends. Loyal to a fault, trustworthy, honorable, and compassionate.
3. As entwives go: he picked, and was picked by, a ruther good one.

016 - myng_rabbyt is cool because:
1. Her interests are just rockin', bitchin', et cetera ad infinitum. hempknight knows of what I speak. Writing, librarianship, theatre, librarianship, SF&F, librarianship... uhh, is my bias showing? *blush*
2. She feels things so keenly that I think that to mind-meld with her would make your average Vulcan's head explode. She just cares about people. To know her is to love her, and you need never wonder why. She's really fearless, admirably so, and speaks her mind without compunction or embarrassment. hempknight knows of what I speak! Sing it, bruthah!
3. She's a southern belle, and, well, you know. (Or at least my buddies and fellow sons of the south twinbee and erebrandir do!)

017 - koinonia is cool because:
1. She is one of the kindest-hearted people I know. Thoughtful, considerate, and always ready to lend a shoulder; fiercely protective of her friends, staunch in her beliefs, and determined to help. She is a credit to her faith - one of the highly ethical pagans I am proud to know.
2. She's funny, charming, polite, and quick-witted. If you've ever been blessed to read her stuff in TEUNC, you know what I mean; if not, and you have a chance to, keep an eye out for it.
3. She is a paragon of strength in spite of adversity.

018 - darana is cool because:
1. She is a very good leader: strong, decisive, responsible, and driven.
2. She is a fast learner - she has such broad talents that she can sometimes pick up some endeavor, study it for a bit, and be good at it even compared to people who have practiced for a good long while. From IT and CG things to medieval reenactment to building fictional worlds, she's a real jack of all trades.
3. In social settings, she attracts interesting and generally good people: I've come to trust people she vouches for.

019 - phawkwood is cool because:
1. He is the epitome of the "guy who's cool just by doing what he does every day": fireman, paramedic, video editor, producer, and consummate tronkie (have you people seen the tech gear he travels with?!), he's just fun to know.
2. His interests are broad and deep. He's intelligent, pretty well-read, and curious, which are all good things in my book.
3. He's laid back, but in a good way. He can set the room roaring just by cutting a rug. If you get to know him, though, you'll find he's a sensitive, generous, and very thoughtful person. (And those of you who know me know I'm not just saying that because he and I share a lot of political views. :-))

020 - masteralida is cool because:
1. She's a great mom. As most everyone knows, she's got a really cool kid (smart as a whip, too).
2. She is well-read on quite a few very interesting topics, and her sharp eyes never miss a web-goody. That's how she and I met, and how I came to CRG: she told darana and phawkwood that she was tired of getting all my stuff second-hand! :-D
3. She is a fabulous cook. Also, I am quite in awe of her baking skills, and listen, you're talking to Kai-Ching Lee's nephew here!

021 - aricadavidson is cool because:
1. She's a creative, consummate, dedicated, and productive fan. Ever see her Greg Grunberg site? All celebrities worth their salt should have fans such as her. You can see how she puts both time and heart into things.
2. She's unwavering in her beliefs. Though she and I don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of political and social issues, I respect her for her determined faith.
3. She can be outgoing and sociable, dropping by to visit virtually with all her friends.

022 - zengeneral is cool because:
1. He is the Devil. I'm not talking Al Pacino's elegant Lucifer, subtle yet extravagant; I'm talking a big horned dude who will cackle with glee as he tosses broken bodies into the yawning maw of Hell. And make it look fun. No, really, try it! OK, so for those of you who have never met zengeneral in person: mischief never looked so enjoyable, or "uber-sexy" as he would call it. He's a heavier version of Loki. You think that plan he has to take over the world with a robot army is a joke? BwahaHAHAHA!
2. He is way, way too good for his own good. I've seldom had math and CS students with the raw talent he has, and I've been at Hopkins and UIUC, which are veritable warrens of the insanely brilliant. (That said, he's also a loose cannon, as in "whoa there, tie that loose cannon down".)
3. He is the BaneTM of friend and foe alike, which is good for me, because with his aid, as with that of the heroes of old: Eric Lin and Carl Fagerlin; Dave Kruse and Peter Baer; Nathan Gettings, Yu Pan, and Tori Lease; Mike Perry, Kris Wuollett, jellybeanzulu et al. from NCSA; and hpguo, Blur aka Laura Kruse, Ben Perry, and Julie Thornton - I can unleash Hell. Behold! (And tremble, ye mighty...)

023 - thanatos_kalos is cool because:
1. She gives classical studies a good name! Way, Way Retro. 1337. (Sorry.) And when it comes to languages, she can give deire, tamf, cavlec, and even Tripitaka a run for their money. Frightening, innit?
2. She's medically delicious! Medecins sans frontieres, indeed.
3. She shares yodge's penchant for Canadians. Penchant, yeah, that's a good word. Like bindlestitch. And kuviasungnerk. I'ma go find my penchant now, kthx...

024 - sahtyinepu is cool because:
1. She loves animals: horses and many others.
2. That is just one frelling cool interests list. I actually met her in #elections and later in #lost on TORn, but I'd have long since added her if I'd come across her LJ before. I mean, "psychic vampirism"? C'mon! Fuggedabowdit.
3. She's a friend of jereeza's and a fan of Doc Ock (obviously), but no randomly squeeing person this: quite a good brain on those shoulders, to look at her journal in the Other Place.

Edit, 00:20 CST Wed 08 Dec 2004: Late again, as always - I'm told tonight is the first of Chanukah. Happy {H|Ch}a{n|nn}u{k|kk}ah to all who observe it!


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