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All righty then...

Would everyTEUNC lpease take this and psot their superpowers here?
(Let me know if yew want to be listed in the "beings who share your superpower" list. Quiz authorship hath its pwivileges! :-))

THE FORCE (01 of 14): Yoda with Green Lightsabre
Your SF superpower is: THE FORCE

You are a jack-of-all-trades, whose metabilities
include creativity, psychokinesis, farsensing,
and weak coercion. Chances are good that,
unless you live on backwater Outer Rim planet,
your Jedi potential was discovered early.

Beings who share your superpower: Yoda, Count
Dooku, Mace Windu, Mara Jade (Star Wars),
Banazir the Jedi Hobbit

What Is Your SF Superpower?
brought to you by Quizilla

Please feel free to psot the URL anywhere you like (including AFT/RABT, though I can just see various regulars complaining: "It says I'm proleptic! What kind of (*$#@&@#^#*&@! anti-American @#$*#@#@)(*# is that?!" #-)


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