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The Coolness Meme, Part 3

Cool people 001 - 012 and the original meme
Cool people 013 - 024

Continuing where I left off...
In decreasing order of how long I've known these fine folks:

025 - mrowe is cool because:
1. She knows lots of ways to eliminate enemiessolve problems.
2. Seriously: she is sensible, sensitive, kind and funny. She gives credibility to the notion of secretary as goddess, one I normally don't subscribe to.
3. She has good taste in food.

026 - gondhir is cool because:
1. He has an good soul, and a good mind.
2. He is my twin (kindasorta). Argh, get out of my head!
3. He uses vert cllo spellinks for words.

027 - narvi is cool because:
1. He doesn't think so, but he has a flair for writing that's more than a little cool.
2. He has good sense in apparel, music, and television.
3. He's trustworthy and a good confidant.

028 - sui_degeneris is cool because:
1. She is a librarian. 'Nuff said. She 0wnz0rs the house-orcs.
2. Her arts and crafts both edible and visual are most enjoyable. She can bake with the best of them. And by "best" I mean my aunt, my middle-school home ec teacher, and masteralida! I kid you not. She has this academia nut cookie that really r0><0rs j0r s0><0rs.
3. She can sing well, she has a mike, and she's not afraid to use it - a great combo!

029 - immortalvisions is cool because:
1. She's a mother to teens. That's got to be medal-worthy in and of itself. :-)
2. She knows how to rant. I'd like to say I learned how to rant from her, but... well, WYSIWYG.
3. She has a penchant for historical fiction. There's that word again: penchant. So sue me!

030 - weetanya is cool because:
1. She's 1337 like woah: wit by turns touching and acerbic, sharp as a whistle. Great things come in Wee packages!
2. She's down with the Thai-nature and a meld of both worlds... like a few other smalltall people I know.
3. She founded wee_tolkien, which is just, like, hella cool, even though it's slowed down a tad bit since The Return of the King hit theatres.

031 - crypthanatopsis is cool because:
1. He's a great cusser. I don't know if it's from reading a lot of curse words, or just being a natural, but this guy put the blue in blue streak!
2. This is not in and of itself grounds for being cool, but he is the original tronkie, the man who inspired istari_ala to invent the term. He really is a consummate techie, a tremendous geek, even a bit of a dork.
3. He knows all about J-Pop and is a fan of a few idols of talent.

032 - figgylicious is cool because:
1. She's a very good artist, especially with 3-D media, and most especially with ceramics. I've seen only a smidgen, but it's astoundingly good!
2. She has a brilliant smile. It's just radiant and beaming, the kind that makes you want to make the person laugh just to see it again.
3. She is very serious about her beliefs, for all she is zany like the rest of us. If you ask her serious questions, you'll get serious (and deep) answers.

033 - hfx_ben is cool because:
1. Despite great economic hardship, he is brave enough to buck the trends and speak his mind about consumerism, individual and corporate greed, North American plutocracy and other oligarchies, and their impact on society.
2. He was Buddhist when Buddhism was yet more avant-garde and less popular in North American society. And he lives by the tenets thereof: altruism, release from materialism, humane ethics.
3. He has such a broad and deep mind that it is hard to grasp the scope of his intellectual interests sometimes. Ben can reply to one, two, three dozen posts in a thread and give telling opinions on each comment.

034 - wondergurl_77 is cool because:
1. She's a "philosopher chick" - a real one - and philosophers rock. From all my reading and writing to her, I feel qualified to say: she knows whereof she speaks.
2. She seems to have a healthy self-confidence and self-image (for the most part). Which is to say, she knows she rocks - when it comes to computer games, philosophy, and cooking, at least.
3. She appreciates her friends, something that's all too rare in this day and age.

035 - f00dave is cool because:
1. He is starting to really publish - something that is always a pleasure to witness among up-and-coming computer science grad researchers.
2. He has a penchant (OK, that's the last time I'm using that word in this and subsequent postings of this meme) for theoretical computational intelligence. And rodents.
3. He is photogenic in a charming, funny sort of way. I'd almost impute the hair of a pony to him, too, but not quite.

036 - yahvah is cool because:
1. He is respectful of other people's interests, never dismissive. That's something I really cherish in my friends.
2. For his own part, he shares interesting concepts on love, limerence, loneliness, etc., that are in turn thought-provoking.
3. He is a follower of Jesus Christ and proud of it.

Edit, 12:30 CST - I forgot to put today's music. Thanks to seferin for recommending it! Hilarious.


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