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Suddenly... decapitated!

zengeneral: Oh! Oh! We need to throw a wake. My Mormon friend's getting married this month.
masaga: He's getting married in college?
banazir: Grats to him!
zengeneral: Grats what? Nuts! He used to be ahead of me. Then he did his mission years. Now, I pity him - we go over Diff Eq's together, I say "look! easy... I did that years ago..."
banazir: Well, you know, that tends to happen with mission years, from what I hear. So does getting married in college, for some of the LDS folks. Especially in Utah.
zengeneral: Oh, in Utah they don't really go to college. They say `okaly-dokaly, let's have babies'.

    -The Zeroth House of KDD, 03:30 CST, 12 Dec 2004

Yes, masaga and zengeneral came over last night after zengeneral's graduation ceremony, and there was much rejoicing and sharing of giant cookie, CHOKLIT ice cream, and CHOKLIT sauce. From midnight to 03:00. Then we adjourned to my office downstairs and started to chat... about things that shall remain SIKRIT until the time is right. Except the above. And my M.S. hood with blade insert. Advisor's prerogative - it's like prima nocte, don't worry yourselves about it. Suddenly... decapitated...

I am very impressed, and a teeny tad bit unnerved, that zengeneral has already developed a "shoveling bodies into the maw of Hell with glee" expression and gesture.

Anyhow, the sugar and caffeine-enhanced teunceing continued until 04:20, when the kids suddenly decided they needed to sleep. I went back to work until a little after 05:00. And that's how it's done, people!


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