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The Coolness Meme, Part 4

Cool people 001 - 012 and the original meme
Cool people 013 - 024
Cool people 025 - 036
Cool people 037 - 048

Continuing where I left off...
In decreasing order of how long I've known these fine folks:

049 - jellybeanzulu is cool because:
1. He is a good tronkie and he is very non-pansy. Yes. Very yes!
2. He is the Johnny Appleseed of detenteIT zaniness. Around the same time in 1999 that Peter Johnson was inciting me to return to and rec.arts.books.tolkien, where I met a new group called "TEUNC", jellybeanzulu was introducing me to User Friendly. The rest is history! (Somebody please remind me later to tell jellybeanzulu's story about the 600-year old Swedish.)
3. He is not shy about showing you mouth-watering photos of labs with multiple G5, dual G4s, and dual flat-panel monitors. No, not just any labs: his lab. Wheeeeeeenh.

050 - barahirion is cool because:
1. He is steadfast in his Christian beliefs, and, as carida_46 noted, he has the guts and diligence to go out and do something about them: I've seldom been blessed to know someone as motivated and diligent in charity and mission work as he and yodge are. Hats off (well, I'd doff my hat if I wore one) and kudos to you both!
2. He is a minstrel! Dude! <BILL>Excellent! *air guitar riff*</BILL> Seriously, he can be trusted to know what's cool in music. Again with the good taste in bands! Also, like many minstrels, he's done a lot of that wandering of late. Welcome home!
3. He is one of the tallest people I personally know (6'6"). It makes it hard to reach things in the Blue Tower he entrusted to my care a couple of years ago, but what's the Force for, eh?

051 - starfish82 is cool because:
1. She founded lotr_msting, one of the funniest LOTR communities on LJ in its heyday. (Hey, we need to get that going again, eh?)
2. She knows a lot about Orthodox saints and martyrs.
3. She also knows a lot about Neopets! Yay! A little teunceing sproglet named Rachel recently introduced me to the wee things.

052 - spaced_oddity is cool because:
1. She is the epitome of "girl geek chic". From trick-or-treating as The Bride to making emo blood-tears icons, she's just got fun dorkiness coming out of her ears. Also, she is a trove of fandoms: the movie hobbits (especially Pippin), Jude Law, etc. I forsee great tronkieness in her future.
2. She is a Canadienne, which is cool enough in its own right, but she lives in Toronto, which is hella cool city.
3. She has (had?) a band! 'nuff said.

053 - angelfate/kissmyascii is cool because:
1. She is honest.
2. She's responsible. (Honest and responsible: a one-two punch!) Moreover, she is a loving mom and takes good care of her daughter. When someone is willing to make an icon of her (nearly) teenage kid without adding any demonic features (not that there's anything wrong with those! ;-))... well, then you have to give her props.
3. She is zany, smart, and a really good music-hound. She introduced me to Vienna Teng's music, for which I am forever grateful.

054 - cretaceousrick is cool because:
1. Look at that icon, dude! Not just a T-Rex... a rAR T-Rex. Raise the roof! He makes you want to take a Cretaceous tour... (ooh, if I advertise them for you, can I get one for me and a few TEUNCs?)
2. Despite some difficult family issues, he seems a very well-adjusted, admirably balanced and good person. Considerate, thoughtful, the works.
3. I can actually talk about Hyperion with him, which is just so cool - and until very recently, all too rare.

055 - marm is cool because:
1. She's a goddess, pure and simple. Well, pure. Simple, not so much.
2. She is the slayer of slugs - all mollusks that crawl on the earth, behold her sword and tremble! Um, or wobble. Or something.
3. It takes a smart cookie to play a grumpy Jedi!

056 - consilience is cool because:
1. Despite all the setbacks, quotidian and significant, she actually manages to make graduate school look interesting and cool. Bravo! What's next, having fun writing research papers? ;-)
2. She ranks high on the banazir scale of Ultimate Sproglet Cuteness. We're talking somewhere between Cynthia Lee and Shirley Temple. Aww, lille ickle soy nut!
3. She's a demiasian! W00t! As if being at Harvard wasn't prestigious enough! :-)

057 - idigital is cool because:
1. I'll just come out and say this first: he adapted the Refried Paper theme and brought it to LiveJournal, for which he deserves much bowing and scraping.
2. He is technically very competent and willing to help. Usually, people in IT are either one or the other, traskably so.
3. He has a good eye for the funny and the ridiculous in online news. Get off teh intarweb, n00bs! Or you may be scoped and blogged about by idigital, and endure great shame and ridicule...

058 - neadods is cool because:
1. She writes informative reviews that are always worth the time to read.
2. She's funny, warm, sharp as a tack, and keeps a worth while blog.
3. She will show you the meaning of bleeprin! Yay! (No, not badfic... teuncette-like TMI humor. Yay! Ahem.)

059 - megruder is cool because:
1. She has a compassionate and caring nature.
2. More than a lot of our technically excellent graduate students, she is not afraid to go out and have adventures. Whether it be crossing the country to go to a conference or crossing the great invisible barrier in the hall to go see a play, she doesn't hesitate to Just Do It (tm). This is a quality that real M.S. and Ph.D. candidates should cultivate - nay, that any CS should, that any scientist or engineer should.
3. She has a voracious reading appetite. What have I told all you grads about reading more, and more, and yet more?

060 - grain_king is cool because:
1. He often has something meaningful to say about culture, prejudices, science, systems of beliefs, and the tronkie perspective.
2. He is generous with his time, open, and very humorous. I frequently look forward to getting his comments in my LJ.
3. He knows wherefore he r0><0rs. Numerically. In different bases, even.

In other news: I gave my final exam in CIS 730 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) today. It seemed a little long for 2 hours, though I had one student turn it in 15 minutes early (and finish). We'll see.
ETA: here's the PDF. Mean: 166.21 / 300 = 55.4%, stdev: 43.94 = 15%


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