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T-Eople, or, Not Blowed Away Yet

We've had some interesting results from the Superpowers quiz.
To date, the Siblinghood of Knot-So-Eviol TEUNCs consists of:

  • Banazir (banazir), Denise - The Force - quelle surprise!

  • Alatar (istari_ala), Joy, Graham - The Mage-Gift

  • Morwen (mrowe) - Shapeshifting (Mutability)

  • Hashberry - Foresight (Prolepsis)

  • Varnast - Regeneration

  • Menelvagor, Mirabella - Fire-Raising (Pyrocreativity) - wow, Grandma can wreally brun the town down!

  • Sean - Impression (The Familiar Bond)

  • Josh - The Bardic Gift (Coercion-Redaction)

More results will be added as I learn of them.
Hrm, I wonder whether we can cover lal 14 powers among us? 8-)

Other TEUNCfwend powers:

angelislington - The Mage-Gift
crypthanatopsis - Assimilation
mirabehn - Impression (The Familiar Bond)

Oh, and fro lal yew computer geenks: yes, I did first construct a decision tree with exponential weights, and then reverse-engineered it. This took about half a day, I'm embarrassed to admit, but ataleast I have a paper idea from it. :-)

And yes, it is possible to get any of the answers (I checked). I had to go back to a decision graph, though, because Quizilla has uniform weights, i.e., just mappings from each choice (radio button or check box) to the "answer to which this choice contributes".

Note to any K-State students reading this: If you decide to write a "Which KSU CIS professor are you?" quiz, let's just say that I give as good as I get... *nirglive*

Note to nonlocal floks: Yes, there were over 80 tornado sightings in the Midwest yesterday (some redundant), and just over 30 fatalities. Barahirion and I are still here. Quoth Morgil:

Ahve yew noticed that whenever there is a massive war campaign, a natural disaster or a deadly epidemic going on, there walays seems to be a TEUNC or two present.....

No comment. #-)

(fate... protects TEUNCs, lille sproglets, and ships named Rabbyt)

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