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The Coolness Meme, Part 6

Cool people 001 - 012 and the original meme
Cool people 013 - 024
Cool people 025 - 036
Cool people 037 - 048
Cool people 049 - 060

Continuing where I left off...
In decreasing order of how long I've known these fine folks:

061 - nobuddy69 is cool because:
1. He is fairly talented, and I have more than my share of insanely talented family, friends, and students. To wit: he's a good film critic, has a good eye for graphic arts, and I think he'd make a very good script writer. Most of you know that he, I, and hempknight have a SIKRIT MMORPG project idea on the back burner. I could tell you more, but then I would have to kill you. Unless you are a KDD member. Or an Eskimo.
2. He is humble. I actually wish he thought higher of himself, but he is way ahead of most of us on the inheritance of the earth. And seriously: most of y'all have no inkling what this guy is capable of. Sometimes I wonder whether he does.
3. He's exceedingly sweet sometimes. Not when he's sleepy and cranky, but most of the rest of the time. And now I've made him sound like a big bebe, rather than the raging netperv that he is. Hey, sorry, big guy.

062 - kitznegari is cool because:
1. She dared to hang out in and rec.arts.books.tolkien. Why does that make one cool? Because there are too few Alfantolians in LJ! And vice versa. At least, there are too few people who will admit to one or the other.
2. She is one of my few (yet unnervingly many) female friends who study a martial art or three.
3. She has a good sense of humor, even about tronkie topics.

063 - digby_tantrum is cool because:
1. He's a mathematician - a real one. British-educated, too, at a real university. As such he is very pansy-intolerant.
2. Like istari_ala and kitznegari, he is an emigre from Alfantolia and Rabbitopolis, one of the few who have made the transition "directly" to the weblog medium.
3. He's not afraid to be a rhino. (This is not an invitation! No, really! :-P)

064 - scionofgrace is cool because:
1. She collects... hymnals. That's the ltimate combination of bibliophilia, esoterica, and nostalgia in my, um, book. I should get her some e-hymnals to round out her collection, though, for all it would draw her out of the giftedly simple era she belongs to. I think it reflects her personality: eminently sensible, yet thoughtful and caring.
2. She has absolutely stunning calligraphy. (Please see below.)
3. She has a surname that she says people often mispronounce. Yeah... I don't know anybody else with that problem. ;-)

065 - cenire is cool because:
1. She's a CTYer. Many young people of CTY extraction go on to do great things, as is our birthright.
2. She lives life at daring speed: nothing by half measures, and fewer regrets for opportunities missed.
3. She's a good storyteller and knows how to keep an audience of friends engrossed.

064 - ladycalliope is cool because:
1. She is also a CTYer, and of my generation, to boot! Tripitaka's the only older CTYer/SMPYer whom I've personally stayed in touch with. (Remember, ladycalliope: age before beauty!)
2. She is down with the *nix and fond of tronkie toys.
3. She has a really cool tagline (Tori, yay!) and subtitle. (Me, I have no sense of tagline commitment; I rotate mine every month.)

067 - atomistictheist is cool because:
1. He is a thinking theist who does not just take what he is told for granted, but comprehends, synthesizes, and applies it. (It's the Bloom's Taxonomy endorsement! W00t!)
2. He's clearly very intelligent and writes interesting (and often decently good) poetry: very introspective and philosophically evocative.
3. He's modest. I'm no judge of male appearance, but at a guess I'd say he's rather good-looking, and not too conscious of it, which I personally think is cool in both men and women when it's genuine.

068 - dakotamidnight is cool because:
1. She is consummate activist with respect to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual (GLBT) issues. Among my GLBT friends and acquaintances, most of whom are very responsible and thoughtful, she is especially open and conscientious. A good role model for people her age, IMHO. I've learned quite a bit from reading her journal, too.
2. She has good taste, especially in popular song lyrics and web page themes (blogs in particular).
3. She finds the best quizzes and passes them on to us.

069 - butterflykiki is cool because:
1. She has absolutely impeccable creative talent and taste. Look at her website, (one of) her fics, and her icons.
2. She teaches. Science. Bow, all ye mortals!
3. She is a very good journaller, like erebrandir, only from the higher levels of La Tour d'Ivoire.

070 - leilana_cuspa is cool because:
1. She's really nice. Considerate, polite, and kind to everyone, I think she is an excellent role model.
2. The camera loves her! She really does look a little like Aaliyah did.
3. She has a great sense of humor. I always look forward to seeing her online, because it means that we're in for a good laugh.

071 - kakarigeiko is cool because:
1. He has one of the coolest LJ names I've ever seen. (kakari geiko is an extemporaneous attack drill in kendo, as I learned when I added him.)
2. He pulls no punches (cuts?) in his rants, and he always tells it like it is; I could seriously see him saying "I will end you" a la Joss Whedon and meaning it. Pansies in software engineering capstone courses? People who slack on team projects? Crush! Skewer! Slice like a tatami mat! Back me up, zengeneral and masaga and megruder!
3. He's actually very good. One of his papers has a very high CiteSeer/ResearchIndex citation ranking, for those who follow such scores.

072 - r3turn0 is cool because:
1. He has an LJ color scheme that I happen to love (though most find it very "hot to the eye", as we Chinese say). What can I say, lime, yellow (or amber), and cyan on black are tronkie traditions dating back to the days of LED alarm clocks, AT&T green screen terminals with clackety-clack keyboards, and Kaypro luggables.
2. He's a self-professed redneck, but he is rather more cultured than he lets on.
3. He's a software developer. <POSSESSED_BALLMER_VOICE>Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, DEVELOPERS...</POSSESSED_BALLMER_VOICE>

In other news: deire, angelfate, and scionofgrace - thank you for your cards! You all have such nice handwriting that I'm seriously humbled.

deire: Wow, were you early or what? I wish I had that much foresight; as of 15 Dec 2004 I'm less than a third of the way through my card list. The poem and the picture are great, too; nice choice.
angelfate: Awww, ickle cute angel! Your cursive script is really nice, BTW.
scionofgrace: Mein Gott, but that's some of the best calligraphy I've ever seen, and I used to study it (English, not Chinese). Wow! And Tengwar, too; gotta love Christmas greetings with Elvish letters. You'll laugh at my cards, but 'tis all good.


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