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The Coolness Meme, Part 7

Cool people 001 - 012 and the original meme
Cool people 013 - 024
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Cool people 037 - 048
Cool people 049 - 060
Cool people 061 - 072

Continuing where I left off...
In decreasing order of how long I've known these fine folks:

073 - njagan is cool because:
1. He is very hard-working, and conscientious. I remember this from the time he was a grad student at K-State (2001-2002).
2. He has the most colorful screen names ("JN in NJ", "Jagan works his tail off", or maybe someday "Jagan Conquers the Earth, Sing All Ye Peoples!").
3. His cultural loyalty quotient is fantastic! What other alumni do you know who will get an LJ just because you suggested it'd be fun, and cool?

074 - scottharmon is cool because:
1. He is knowledgeable, hyperintelligent, and his work ethic is phenomenal. He's diligent to a fault and he sets, meets, and propagates high expectations. Don't be lazy around scottharmon; he's not only not a pansy, he's very pansy-resistant.
2. He has a glad heart and a good sense of both levity and absurdity. He's also attained a high degree of control over his temper. I think these are what make him a good father to his trio (so far) of kids, too.
3. I have always known him to be forthright and honest, conscientious and ethical, never cutting corners when there was a moral question before him, even when others were doing so.

075 - kewldeaf is cool because:
1. He has overcome his handicap to garner many accolades - awards, a good job, and the respect of his peers.
2. He is really driven about seeking new ideas from people. I've also tried to help him temper this with patience and self-sufficiency, to some success, I am glad to report. All of his friends are proud of him!
3. He likes tronkie humor and is a trove of good, old CS and programmer jokes.

076 - jenlight is cool because:
1. She has a flair for the dramatic, both in visual arts (including web graphics) and in her writing. I like her spartan LJ design.
2. She posts pictures of herself that make you say, "huh", and really stop and think. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes ironic, occasionally dead serious, always evocative. Take this one for example.
3. She has some polls that are really out of left field. I wish I were that original!

077 - queenmidalah is cool because:
1. She is a generous and caring spirit. I don't throw the word "big heart" around a lot, but she really does have one.
2. She has overcome a lot of personal hardship to be where she is today. I credit her with a great deal of courage for that.
3. She is really very intelligent and creative - as with several of my friends, more than she gives herself credit for (hey, what is up with that? ;-)).

078 - lonsolo is cool because:
1. He's clever. Oh, boy, is he clever. And how! His humor is like a doctor's reflex hammer: it taps you right on the nerve, and you either want to break out laughing or thwap him. :-D
2. In the right setting, he can be like a walking nexus of charm, both affected and real. I usually don't consider it a compliment to call guys "smooth", but for this fellow and one other (Suss of TEUNC, for those of you who know him), I think it is. There are just some men who have charisma and wear it well.
3. I am proud to say that he is no more afflicted with an excess of maturity than yours truly! Tovarisch! (It's good not to take yourself too seriously sometimes - where by "take yourself too seriously" I mean being a pompous, overbearing stuffed shirt, and by "sometimes" I mean "almost ever".)

079 - ldymlissa is cool because:
1. She is helpful to her friends and patient when helping or being helped. People would do very well to learn this trait from her.
2. She is forthcoming with her opinions, and like istari_ala, never pulls them back. In her own defense or in defense of others, including you if you are fortunate enough to count yourself among her friends, she is ferocious in loyalty and perseverance.
3. Like her best friend(s), she is a survivor type: idealistic, capable, and independent, and she knows it well.

080 - octaviakrysk is cool because:
1. She is a really great example of strength in adversity. Whatever stresses she is under, she remains a steadfast, caring friend and mother.
2. She has more tolerance for sleep-deprivation than I do. I mean, besides her and yodge, you can hardly find someone capable of staying energized on less time in Tir na Nog.
3. She's prolific as a fanfic writer and incredibly so as a roleplayer. I've watched her do it for nearly a year, and I'm still astounded.

081 - cavlec is cool because:
1. She is down with the lingo. What lingo? Oh, Spanglish, Portumagese, and other Italic wotsits. Not just speaking and writing and linguistics but literary works... a whole lot of them from what I hear. Armed with her knowledge, braved the wilds of grad school in a place that was wilder than others, and lived to tell the tale. And she did! Kudos to her for the exercise of courage. I hope to tell my tale some day, and as eloquently, when time permits.
2. What was that I said about good taste wrt oskeladden and tamf? Of cavlec I can also say: she has chosen... wisely.
3. She has very cool icons - especially the cute rodent icon.

082 - bktheirregular is cool because:
1. He's a barrister, like my Ent friend, oskeladden. A lawyer who writes... fic. Will wonders ever cease?
2. He does his part to save the world. Very entish too, that. You don't meet too many lawyers these days who are interested in good works of this ilk.
3. He keeps what a computer scientist considers decent hours, which is to say, very late hours, unless you are a CS. Or a vampire. Or a vampire CS. (Ooo, vampirs computer scientists... hrm...)

083 - angharad is cool because:
1. Prydain rocks. Angharad, daughter of Regat (Eilonwy's mum) is one of my favorite characters, owing largely to my heroine addiction.
2. I love her Yomiko (anime nerd-girl) icons! The German language theme of her LJ is also very unique, at least among my friends.
3. She posts food entries! Food... food attracts the hungry; the fat, the thin; the gourmand, the glutton. Food... food is my ally. (With apologies to Darth Maul and his tone poem from Episode I...)

084 - gragathaz is cool because:
1. He's angharad's fella. Good man, good woman. (Why his LJ name isn't geraint escaped me until I looked and saw it had been squatted since before "even" I had an LJ. Actually, I'm rather an after-comer, but 'tis all one.)
2. He studies evolutionary biology, which as you can see here, I find an inordinately cool and interesting topic.
3. He posts amazingly technically detailed posts that are nevertheless inviting, and there for biotronkies to plow through. As an archaeologist friend of mine would say: Nifty!

I turned in CIS 730 grades this morning: 5 As, 6 Bs, 2 Cs, and an I (Incomplete).
CIS 798 was a seminar course... so, you do the math.


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