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The Coolness Meme, Part 8

Cool people 001 - 012 and the original meme
Cool people 013 - 024
Cool people 025 - 036
Cool people 037 - 048
Cool people 049 - 060
Cool people 061 - 072
Cool people 073 - 084

Continuing where I left off...
In decreasing order of how long I've known these fine folks:

Edit, 11:30 CST Tue 21 Dec 2004: I realized later that I had already done one (#037) for hpguo, so I consolidated them here.

085 - chriszhong is cool because:
1. He is almost always cheerful. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen him without a smile.
2. He is hard-working, intelligent, and a team player: a triple threat.
3. He is apt to think of some really deep philosophical statements that masquerade as quotidian ones... or vice versa.

086 - siocled is cool because:
1. She is knowledgeable about many kinds of eyewear.
2. She is a grad school veteran. Whether because of this or in spite of it: she is an independent thinker, very dedicated, and serious about her career - something I don't see enough in grad school veterans these days.
3. Having once lived the life of the Sith war goddess, she can tell you all about it. I mean, come on, you'd read Memoirs of a Sith War Goddess, wouldn't you?

087 - mostlyacat is cool because:
1. He's a smart tronkie and excels at a lot of areas I am not as proficient in: hardware, electronics, etc.
2. He is a good photographer and a great travelloguer. That is such a killer combination. I read his blog entries from his business trip to Beijing, China, with great alacrity.
3. He makes a really sweet half of the couple that is mostlyacat & mirabehn. Cute enough to make men and women alike go "aww!".

088 - celandineb is cool because:
1. She is a professor of classical history. That just exudes cool. Seriously.
2. She writes Tolkien fics and ficlets, and not just any old kind: the kind you stop doing whatever you are about in the middle of the day and take five or maybe fifteen minutes to read.
3. IMO she has very good aesthetic taste, which you can see in her choices of icons and reading/viewing material.

089 - anglachel1 is cool because:
1. She challenges people to think about their beliefs. An erudite and thoughtful atheist, she really pushes you to find your own voice about your faith and discussing what you may have learned, rather than just recapitulating what you have heard from others.
2. Whether in matters social, political, religious, or a combination of these, she demands and earns respect.
3. She is an activist, and a dedicated one at that.

090 - zaimoni is cool because:
1. He is able to reconcile fundamentalist beliefs with a rigorous scientific background and education.
2. His writings make you really think about technology, its implications, and the ramifications of trust. He can casually toss out what many of us might consider a farfetched conspiracy theory, and then say something to make you think, "oh, wow, wait a minute... that could actually happen..." and then cause you to realize that it is often a good thing not to be too dependent on any particular technological infrastructure or environment.
3. Badgers, man. They're the geeks' status symbol.

091 - prolog is cool because:
1. He claimed a LiveJournal nick that is priceless! One looks at it and his not-too-low user number and thinks, "wow, there's a person who either really thought ahead, or is able to spot an unfilled niche". Either way, his forward thinking is a force to be reckoned with, and it's what first brought him to my attention.
2. He has a wry sense of humor that I find really refreshing.
3. Like kakarigeiko, megruder, zengeneral, masaga, scottharmon, and banazir, he learned the hard way to spot the stragglers in the herd when it comes to team software engineering projects. Slack now, and he'll hand you your head. It is well.

092 - baranoouji is cool because:
1. She's the queen of quotations, witnessed by her User Info page.
2. She is a phrase lathe as andrewwyld would put it: able to come up with many a turn, and quickly. Look at the subpage titles on her LJ page for more evidence.
3. She is the sublimely evolved Dictionopolitan: like a statue, perfect in arrogance, as C.S. Friedman wrote of the Braxana autarch, Zatar, in In Conquest Born.

093 - othercriteria is cool because:
1. His fandoms and his research career have blended into one! Look at those icons. I want to be like that when I grow up.
2. He writes porn. Grass porn. Ecological grass porn. Scary, scary man.
3. He's actually very good at what he does. I wish I had some bioinformatics students like him.

094 - gweneth_syeira is cool because:
1. Three words: She. Kicks. Ass.
2. She's become a confident, powerful, brilliant young woman. If I were a university recruiter (well, an undergraduate one), she would have my attention instanter.
3. She is a loyal friend to those who deserve it, and those of you who know me well know that I do not use those words lightly.

096 - haggard37 is cool because:
1. He enjoys a facility with technology that should put CS people who do not to shame. Look at his customizations, connectivity, and communities.
2. Like crypthanatopsis, he is vocal, refreshingly profane, and really gets down to business when it comes to rants. I think more people need their asses kicked by sensible, sane people such as haggard37.
3. He unabashedly lives life to the fullest. He's a "sampler" or "taster", broad but not shallow in his cultural cross-section. That's something I really admire.

096 - sze is cool because:
1. Say it with me now: <POSSESSED_BALLMER_VOICE>Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, DEVELOPERS...</POSSESSED_BALLMER_VOICE>
2. She is a profoundly caring individual, and both gentle and gracious if you get to know her.
3. She has a sense of visual beauty frequently attributed to the stereotypically gay, only with her you just know she's the real deal.

The "How do you see me?" meme
In order to get an idea of how my friends view me, I would like everyone to go down this list and pick the one from each pair that you think describes me the best.
Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.

This should indeed be interesting. Surprise me if you can. :-D

  • quiet or talkative

  • spontaneous or planned

  • dominant or submissive

  • logical or intuitive

  • social or loner

  • kinky or vanilla

  • cute or sophisticated

  • kitten or puppy (cat or dog, if you prefer)

  • warm flannel sheets or sleek satin/silk

In other news: I got dragnflye's card! Thanks!


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