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Filters poll and LOTR engrish

If you were paying very close attention, you might have noticed that I updated the sidebar of my LiveJournal main page, changing some filters, deleting one ("Beleriand", my Silmarillion filter, had only silmarillion and the inactive community noldorks) and adding one (for LiveJournal icons). ETA: To clarify, I am at my limit of 30 filters.

Recently, I've noticed that cross-talk is drowning out some of the less frequently posted-to communities. To remedy the problem (for myself, because I actually use my filters, especially the "Friends of Bill" and "Big Tronkies" fitlers), I am conducting a straw poll. Please note: I'm just asking whether you think the community should stay in, be brought back, be taken out, or be kept out of the filters (friends sublists) in question, not whether I should stay subscribed. Thanks in advance for your opinions!

In other news: As the end of the year approaches, so does the passing of the Peter Jackson film craze into the legendry of collectibles and memorabilia... but hark! Before that last huzzah, let me share with you the three engrish-subtitled versions of The Lord of the Rings films:

Yes, my current Banazir (Samwise) icon is from the first set. Thanks to mrowe for it!


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