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Cool Word of the Month, December 2004

krung (Thai, noun) - city, cf. krung thep (city of angels, old name of Bangkok)

Previous months' cool words:

November, 2004: tane (Archnin, noun) - blood (see tanelos)
October, 2004: izulu (Zulu, noun) - interplanetary space
September, 2004: phensem (Tibetan, noun) - an beneficent attitude towards others
August, 2004: si2 pu3 (Chinese, noun) - recipe (literally, "meal score")
July, 2004: entspannung (German, noun) - relaxation
June, 2004: anapauesthai (Koine Greek, verb) - to stand still
May, 2004: tvære (Norwegian, verb) - to stretch, especially a conversation or a farewell (definition provided by tamf)
April, 2004: ber-engro (Romany, noun) - lit. "ship's master", a mariner
March, 2004: calad (Sindarin, noun, "light")
February, 2004: su (Chinese, adjective/noun) - 1. flaky; 2. a baked good with a crisp or flaky consistency, such as a cookie
January, 2004: pizdarija (Croatian, noun; vulgar) - something messed-up, feeble, or ridiculous (definition provided by jereeza)
December, 2003: basherte (Hebrew, noun) - "apportioned one" (implication of predestined/ordained mate; courtesy of yahvah)
November, 2003: panmictic (English, adjective, "exhibiting random mating within a breeding population")
October, 2003: kreteno (Esperanto, slang noun, "idiot")
September, 2003: kawai (Japanese, adjective, "cute")
August, 2003: ser (Spanish, intransitive verb, "to be")
July, 2003: cordillera (Spanish, noun, "principal mountain system of a continent")
June, 2003: kallüsáráyam (Tamil, noun, "illicit liquor")
May, 2003: hoh (Singlish, particle, "connective expression of expected agreement")
April, 2003: tmesis (English, noun, "separation of the parts of a compound word for humorous effect")
March, 2003: nerazreshimost (Russian, noun, "undecidability")

In other news: I'd like to take this opportunity to rapologize for the trasked state of my Christmas mailings.

  • My homemade envelopes: If you got one of these - I have no excuse for the shoddiness, though I will explain that I had just learned to make them. Next year's constructions of colored paper, rubber cement, and glue sticks will be a bit better. For reference, the one I sent to rsmit212 and marcaich was probably my worst and the one figgylicious got was probably the best.

  • Shoddy packaging around my Christmas CD: If you got the CD in a damaged state, please don't be shy about letting me know! So far, I know masteralida and hfx_ben had theirs cracked in half by the US Postal Service.

  • Tree-based (non-kenaf) cards: I ran out of the "Tree-Free Greetings" (if you have eagles on your envelope, take a look at the back of your card - yes, it's really made of Canadian hemp!)... the others are the product of The Empire, aka Wal-Mart.

  • Mailings with only the floppy disks: To anybody who didn't get the CD, I ran out of time to burn them. I'm making an image of the CD for you to download if you have broadband. If not, or if it isn't convenient to pull down a 702Mb file, please let me know, so I can mail you the CD. Also, I keep forgetting to mention that the .lja archive of my Nanowrimo story (tanelos, Book 1, Chapters 1-8) was made using ljArchive. It's included on the CD, or you can get it from

As of 22:37 CST, I've finally finished an ISO, and am uploading it. Please stay tuned!

Sixth Day of Christmas, following my personal LJ tradition (started in 2003):
Sleigh Ride Boogie [lyrics]
from Christmas MIDIs via MIDIsite

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