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Christmas CD and Happy New Year 2005

02:50 CST Fri 31 Dec 2004: Done! Here you go! (Anyone with broadband is welcome to grab this, even people who got their CDs intact.)

yodge: your version was a little early, so please do re-download.

... and you know what would be a really rockin' Christmas present? Hearing that you and your immediate family are all well. I know you're probably in the Spore and didn't even go back to BKK, and it's probably just the net still being spotty, but I've already talked to hpguo in HK, so... prayers and hopes maintained.

118,000 killed and still increasing, 5M displaced. It's just staggering.

Peace and love to everyone reading this. My friends, may 2005 be a fruitful year for you and bring you blessings and happiness.

In other news:

First, does anyone have a good recommendation for a "foreign" (non-English) film? Not to be crass, but I have been seeing the death toll on an hourly basis on television and in my LJ, and, partly to get a brief respite from it, have been going on an online shopping and offer-completing1 binge.

The film part of this has been focused on learning how to use Blockbuster's 3-discs-at-a-time feature and NetFlix. So far, my selections include the following films I have not yet seen:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean - shipped

  • Princess Mononoke - shipped

  • Spider-Man 2 - shipped

  • Amelie - will watch before start of semester

  • Ghost in the Shell - will watch before start of semester

Next in my queues are:

  • The Godfather (that's right: I've only seen Part II)

  • Good Will Hunting - thanks to masteralida for the ordering suggestion

  • La Vita E Bella (Life Is Beautiful)

  • Chocolat

I'm planning to watch Cowboy Bebop: Ballad of Fallen Angels later today.</li>

Second, I am trying to install Gentoo Linux (v. 2004.3) on Telperion, the elder of my two COMPAQ Presario SR1010NX systems (Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz, 256Mb RAM, 40Gb HDD) and a June, 2004 purchase. I downloaded the Universal Live CD ISO and burned it to a blank CD, but I can't get it to boot past the kernel selector. Any suggestions? (IM to my ICQ/AIM, MSN, or YIM accounts would be best; thanks!)

Edit, 11:55 CST - third:
Happy birthday, diannelamerc!

1 if you are interested.

Seventh Day of Christmas, following my personal LJ tradition (started in 2003):
7th day - 31th:
Deck the Halls - music by anonymous Welsh author(s), lyrics by anonymous American author, Franklin Square Song Collection (1881)
from the Christmas Carols site


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