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The power of the sun in the palm of my hand

Yep. Just saw Spider-Man 2 on this sweet little Daewoo DVD/VCR combo.
Going down for the count of 40 winks...
More when I get up, but:
Hey, that was a fun little flick.

In other news: I am still struggling with Gentoo Linux. I'm going to try installing Debian first, but has anyone reading this ever successfully put Gentoo Linux on a COMPAQ Presario (SR1010NX, Intel Celeron 2.8GHz, 256Mb RAM, 40Gb HD)? It seems more trouble that it was cut out to be. Also, LiveJournal's Components style is driving me batty. Does anybody know how to increase the number of links in the link list past 30? I clicked the button to add more links, but after the numbering got up to 300 (step 10), it stops. Can this be overridden? Is it a style variable? The whole thing is quite a mystery to me; and finally, GreatestJournal rounds out the list of computer issues. Does anyone know how to change the number of items in a "previous" list (LASTN_OPT_ITEMS) as an override rather than by customizing, i.e., modifying the style? The reason I have to do it as an override. Together, these three problems are giving me some headaches.

Eleventh Day of Christmas, following my personal LJ tradition (started in 2003):
God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen [ lyrics ] - unknown late medieval English author, first published by William B. Sandys (1833)
info from the Christmas Carols site


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