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We fight, or, The Four Nuts

Return of the King, Platinum Series Special Extended Edition DVD
04:10 of total King-returning goodness. What did you expect?
Review to appear here soon.

Did I not remember Aragorn's whining from the theatrical edition or did he say "What say you?" a couple more times on the SEE DVD?
If I forgot... well, let's just say I see what gondhir means by "Go back to Arnor, you pansy elf boy!"

In other news: The following things are driving me nuts.

  • LiveJournal style configuration. Again I ask - does anyone know how to increase the number of links allowed in the link list (not just allocating another 5, but going beyond, say, the 30 in the S2 Component style)?

  • Trillian Pro v3. I still hate AIM, though. I know, I know DeadAIM. I just have a very specific preference for log formats. I'll give DeadAIM a try. But I'm nuking AIM altogether if it doesn't produce logs the way Trillian Pro v2 used to! Actually, it still does; I'm just having contact list problems and log access problems at the moment.

  • Linux installation. Anyone installed Debian on a COMPAQ before? I still want to go to Gentoo afterwards. twinofhugin, thanks for the offer of help. What's a good time to discuss this?

  • DeCSS. (OK, this one is just my lethargy, but once I get to warp I'll be fine. hempknight, hayulp! Please? I'm on MSN, yo ho.)

Watch this space for a severe rant on the degradation of the practice of software maintenance. It seems the concepts of legacy code, downward version compatibility, and feature/API/GUI maintenance have gradually vanished from the modern coder's vernacular. Everything from Windows itself to web interfaces seems to be having this problem! zengeneral seems to think that the proliferation of open source has something to do with it, though ironically, I haven't seen Cygwin and GAIM affected all that much. How is it with you users of Dropline, GNOME (especially Ximian) and the like? Has it been the case that each generation of software has been a nearly total rewrite from scratch, with features shuffled, the API broken in subtle ways, and essentially only the name of the program unchanged? (Wow. That mini-rant lasted longer than I expected!)


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