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Odd Dutchie letters and Sherlockian struff

Hrm, this morning I got a letter from the NWO asking me to review a grant proposal. "Gnu World Odor?" I wondered. - Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). mrowe, is this your doink? Or mazbe I should ask Arwen or Magenta?

Today, I gave my CIS 990 (Knowledge Based Systems and Cognitive Modeling) class their last paper review assignment: to read some quotes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective Sherlock Holmes (taken from the short stories and novels. In lieu of the usual synopsis and critique, I asked them to find evidence supporting one side or the other of the following questions:

  • Does Holmes tend to favor logical or probabilistic representation and reasoning? Discuss how his language of discourse facilitates uncertain reasoning.

  • Does Holmes tend to favor inductive or deductive (analytical) inference? Discuss how himself describes his method of theory formation.

  • How does Holmes formulate and apply bias in hypothesis space search, belief revision, and constraint-based reasoning?

Ojevind might like the following quote:
I have investigated many crimes, but I have never yet seen one which was committed by a flying creature.

Well, that would seem to put dragonks, harpies, and 'rogs beyond the pale. *nirg*

Regarding Buffy Season 7, Episode 20 ("Touched"):

Kennedy owes the pun fund a bint, "a capella" montage vert sinteresting, Buffy demonstrates that she's got the celerity and the trask, big gril liek yew shouldn't be afraid of a lille boom-boom. Oh, and Spike's dialogue is getting better than ever.

(I mean taht in a manly sorta waz.)


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