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Once Upon A Time, or, Many Meetings Redux

Went in today to meet at Cardwell Hall with one of the ITR-KMC principal investigators (Abdelkader Kara) along with zengeneral and istari_ala. Later zengeneral joined me for a meeting at Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center with the FIBR folks, Steve Welch and Judy Roe.

Then I went outside and promptly slid on the ice until I fell to my hands and knees, dropping my notebook computer (Numerramar) in its bag. A hollow practice tube might make a nice prop for bokken-like katas, but it won't hold you up on the ice. I kept slipping and going back down, couldn't get up for about thirty seconds, and finally used my palms to melt two spots I could push down on and get my shoes wedged into.
Can we please get a little more salt on the sidewalks?

Tonight's film will be...
Ever After

I considered Huozhe (aka To Live, aka Lifetimes), but you know what? Zhang Yimou annozzles me.


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