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OK, boys and girls, let's see how well you know me

Meme taken from seferin by way of naamah_darling:
Post 15 facts about yourself, but five of them have to be made up. Everyone then guesses which are the untrue ones. Then, post this on your journal and see if I can guess which ones you're bluffing about!

1. I love cinnamon chewing gum.
2. In my entire life, I have had one traffic accident while behind the wheel.
3. I am a light sleeper.
4. I have never had a grade lower than 'B' on a report card or transcript.
5. I have watched all 13 episodes of Firefly.
6. As a child, I wanted to be a cartoonist.
7. I love cold weather.
8. I was voted one of the class heartthrobs in high school.
9. I have never seen Casablanca.
10. In high school, I played junior varsity tennis.
11. I want to move to Greenland someday.
12. I am the second-tallest person in my family.
13. I like the taste of brussels sprouts.
14. I am a pacifist, yet I love to roleplay blood sport.
15. I was a finalist for prom king.


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