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Of all the warlords loved by the gods, I hate him the most

First, the answers to my 15 questions meme are up. I will now head around to look at yours, if you posted any; if I missed yours, please IM me and let me know.

Last night's DVD: Troy
Short review: Quasi-historical, preserves the "period" aspect of the mythos and the spirituality and religion while dispelling certain mythological aspects. The plot twiddles were not as annoying as I thought they would be. The special effects were fantastic, the production value was great, the acting was decent, and the music and sound were just... OMGWTFPOLARBEAR wow.

OK, just one gripe: I did not mind Hector killing Menelaus. I didn't even mind Briseis killing Agamemnon ("gee, Elektra is already used, so that's out as a sequel..." ;-)). The way Paris killed Achilles seemed quaintly poignant rather than jarring, preserving as it did the legend of Thetis and his heel. Finally, even the "Carrie remake" effect (Paris and Helen apparently survive to make their way in the wide world and fade into obscurity) seemed all right to me

One thing bothered me. Can you guess what?
PARIS: What's your name?
BOY: Aeneas.

What's your name? Dude... I realize there were a lot of heroes of the Trojan War and that Aeneas was young then (though IIRC he was already married with a child), but I don't forget my student's names that easily...
Reducing Aeneas to a random foot soldier while Parigolas and Odyssimir have such choice roles seems just a little crass, is all I'm saying. What do you all think?

Edit, 13:30 CST Sun 16 Jan 2005 - I had originally misremembered Aeneas as one of Priam's fifty sons. Perhaps Paris could be excused for not knowing the name of one of the commanders, but he wouldn't be handing over the Sword of Troy then, would he? :-P

I started to crash around 05:40... and slept until 15:00!
Frightening, frightening.

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