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(Sorry for the hotlink, miyeko - I'll fix this later)

Over the weekend, masteralida showed us Darth Tater, which has been making the rounds. A few days later, miyeko and "Nuked Spudwalker" came up with this, which I just had to add to.

  • A Nuked Hope

    • Luke arrives at the hydroponic potato farm in his landspeeder, and jumps out of it to see a pile of french fries spilled out of the smoking farmstead...

    • Threepio, shut down all the potato mashers on the detention level. Shut down all the potato mashers on the detention level!

    • If you slice me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possible imagine!

  • The Empire Slices Back

    • Stop that. My skins are dirty.
      My skins are dirty too, your highness... what are you afraid of?

    • ETA: Welcome, I'm Lando Calrissian, the administater of this facility...

    • Remember your failure in the microwave!

    • Han Robo drops into the aluminum foil wrapping chamber...

  • Return of the Spud-Eye

    • Jabba the Spud: You were the best, Robo, but now you're Bantha Tots.

    • This is your last chance, Jabba! Free us... or fry.

    • Ee chub spud spud!

  • The Phantom Lettuce

    • Mesa your humble servant! 'tis demanded by the spuds!

    • Ruffle cuts will be fine.
      No, they won't!

    • Wesa getting slicen and masheden!

  • Attack of the Scones

    • Seeing her again is... intoxicating. [Potato vodka?]

    • This clambake's over!

    • I can see this contest will not be decided by our knowledge of the Sporks, but by our skills with the deep fryer!

  • Revenge of the Chips

    • (TBD) The Cookiee army: Rrrrawr!




Jan. 22nd, 2005 02:59 am (UTC)
Today's theme is... SWEET POTATO
Mithril chef: *wibbles in Khuzdul*

Translator: You would think that sweet potato is a very easy medium to work with, living at the roots of the earth as we Dwarrows do. You would think, but you would be wrong. But you will see. Beer-battered sweet potato, sweet potato pie (mmm-pie), pankcakes, fritters, even a sweet potatoburger, are all on the slate. It is simply a matter of... economizing.

DARTH TATER: The Emperor is not as... forgiving as I am.

So be it, Spud-Eye,

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