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All my X-Men live in Texas...

I really need to be working... and what am I doing? Contemplating the pwoducktion of a RedSOW...

It's amazzling!

X2 nitpick: When they are in Bobby's (Iceman's) house, Pyro tells Bobby's floks taht the "mutant gene" (*eyeroll*) is sex-linked, i.e., resides on the sex chromosome. It has to be X-linked, though, or we'd have no femaul mutants. Fair enough; the X chromosome has 5% of the mammalian genome compared to 1% on the Y chromosome. This brings up two problems:

So, Pyro was just plain wrong: it could not have been Iceman's dad's "fault" (he should have just replied "yes, it is your `fault'"). :-)

In nay case... all operant metafunctions are sex-linked? Huh?

Here's a USENET post I wrote a couple of years ago about the X-Men and Julian May's metapsychic operants. And here's a TORG link that may or may not make Chips (crypthanatopsis) happy.

You're a Purist!

What type of LotR fan are you?
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Only I'm knot. And it's knot Khazâd, it's Khuzdûl. Oops. No, wreally, I'm knot.

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You are Beauty.
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professor x
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Which X-Men character are you most like?
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Wlokay, this seems correkt, I think.


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