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Fear the Monkey Teunce (of Doom), and congratulations, Jodi!

For those who have heard me and zengeneral referring to the infamous video of masaga "teunceing like a monkey on CHOKLIT": here it is [MPEG, 355Kb].1
Behold the teunce (and proof positive that being a member of banazir's research group drives you stone cold mental, or at least very teuncy, sooner or later). Not even banazir's sproglet geek oratory video [MPEG, 53Mb] (which I like to think of as an apology for GPL, or at least open source advocacy) can match it for sheer tronkie teunce, nesupasu?

Plenty more where that come from, people!

Edit, 17:25 CST Tue 01 Feb 2005:
Congratulations to Jodi and Mike Milliner
on the birth of their daughter,
Olivia Renee!

(k_state CIS and especially KDD students: please be advised that Jodi will be out on maternity leave for a while. Mrs. Winfough is the interim point of contact for administrative questions and requests.)

1 Wearing my "noted film historian" hat: if you were wondering about the soundtrack to this "silent film", imagine zengeneral and the Third Geek (Jason) providing reenacting some of Strong Bad's Techno. The data... is mined... the data... is mined...
Or maybe that should be "the robots... are work... the robots... are work..."


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