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I, too, am a caffeinated force for good!

Somebody shoot me!
I just turned down a dollop of Lily O'Brien's white chocolate, offered to me at the Graduate Council meeting by another professor on a diet. In lieu of said CHOKLIT, I ate a cookie... and had three cups of coffee.

Besides the upcoming accreditation visit, we discussed a serious issue today: medical insurance for graduate students. To wit: it's expensive, coverage is poor, most every HMO-averse scenario portrayed on ER is evoked - and we are losing students to this. That's right, people: prospective M.S. and Ph.D. students are electing to go elsewhere because someone in the State Legislature (among other places) cannot be bothered to give our future shining stars of intellect a measly, paltry little bit of health insurance. As Matt Dwyer once said upon being "welcomed to the real world":
This isn't the "real world", this is the ivory tower!

Three packets of Equal, one of Sweet 'n' Low, and two of sugar later (you remember this idiosyncrasy of mine, eh?), I am also a caffeinated force for good.
At least for now. Like the handy tanto for committing seppuku, I have the can of Diet Mt. Dew for the final exigency. I do need a second1 to stand by to, er, "assist" at need.

1 ETA, 08:55 - masaga informs me that the term for this assistant is kaishakunin.


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