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Professor Muroga of chambana receives Japanese Imperial Medal

The Fall, 2004 Alumni News from the UIUC Department of Computer Science reports in this article that:
The Emperor of Japan awarded The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays With Neck Ribbon, to Saburo Muroga, professor emeritus. Muroga was recognized as "one of Japan's computer pioneers," and a globally significant leader in the extensive field of information processing since the early stages of Japan's computer era.

During local ceremonies to take place at Japan House on October 23, Yutaka Yoshizawa, Consul General of Japan at Chicago, will honor both Muroga and Shozo Sato, professor emeritus of art and design and the founding director of Japan House. The ceremony begins at 2:00.

Now, see, this is just frelling cool. Why can't we Americans have cool science medals? There's the ACM Turing Award (named in honor of a British scientist) and the Fields Medal (named after a Canadian) in math, but for science in general one has to look to the Nobel Prize (founded by a Swede). It doesn't have to be much! Not even sacred treasure - just, say, a Presidential Young Investigator... Cutlass or the Map on the Back of the Declaration of Independence Prize in Forensic Science. I'm just saying.

In other UIUC-DCS news:
Five computer science faculty members received National Science Foundation CAREER awards this year, the greatest number awarded in any one year for the department. The awardees were assistant professors AnHai Doan, Robin Kravets, ChengXiang Zhai, Yuanyuan Zhou, and Craig Zilles.

Criminy. That's some empire they're building there!

Oh, and Erickson and LaValle got tenure, Han is now an ACM Fellow, Torellas an IEEE Fellow, and Pitt was named University Distinguished Teacher/Scholar.

Congratulations to all! No suprises all around. Sure sets a high bar for us alumni, eh?

I've never even met the new faculty. Pitt was the only one whose course - CS 375, Automata, Formal Languages, and Theory of Computation - I took. (I'll have you know I got 90% or better on the exams, zengeneral, and the only 100% on the first one. :-P)

I think Erickson joined UIUC-DCS in 1999, the year after I graduated and the same month I came to k_state. IIRC he succeeded the legendary Herbert Edelsbrunner when the latter went to Duke.

alpenglow, I saw you were back in chambana recently - have you been in the Siebel Center?
I haven't been back to C-U since 1999, and I'm thinking it may be time for a visit soon.


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