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Customers who bought this also bought... the farm?

(c) 2004

OK, you really have to wonder what kind of rules are coming out of the data mining done on your transaction records when you log in to and it tries to sell you a home defibrillator, kthxbye. :-P
I mean, sheesh! You have one slice of pie a la mode and a couple of tablespoons of salsa con queso, and suddenly....

Edit, 14:25 CST: The top association is Panasonic ER421KC Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer, Wet/Dry, Lighted Panasonic
ROFL! You just know that one of these days, some Institute for Students on Aging somewhere is going to start coming up with explanations for that sort of thing.
As Judea Pearl said in 1999, though: "Like intelligence, religion, and sex, causality was meant to be practiced, not analyzed." The limiting factor here is that it only looks at intra-genre associations - here, that means you only get other health and personal care items that people bought, and neither CDs such as The Most Relaxing Classical Album in The World nor books such as Placebo Soup for the Hypochondriac's Soul.


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