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Dwarves: There's No "Bori", Traskit!

A few weeks ago I remarked that the Kansas Department of TrainspottingTransportation has kindly donated ten decommissioned Pentium III-550 systems, with monitors, to my laboratory. (Thanks, KDOT!)

Yesterday one of my student sysadmins, James Plummer, entered my office and asked what they should be named. I replied by listing some of the Völuspá/Hobbit dwarves:

  • Thorin

  • Fili

  • Kili [1]

  • Ori

  • Oin

  • Bofur

  • Bombur

  • Gloin

  • Dwalin

  • Balin

... and then I drew a blank on the other three (Dori, Nori, and a dwarrow that James kept wanting to named Sleepy, Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, etc. [2]</li>).

James: Bori? Was there a Bori, Dr. Hsu?

Finally we decided upon:

Durin - master image

Small Dwarves (narrow-footprint Compaqs) - names from The Hobbit

  • Thorin

  • Balin

  • Fili

  • Kili

Large Dwarves (wide-footprint Compaqs) - First Age Dwarves and the one who went to Eressëa

  • Azaghâl

  • Telchar

  • Narvi

  • Gimli

James: Who made the Naugrim?
Banazîr: Er, Aulë.
James: No, the Naugrim... the Necklace of the Dwarves.
Banazîr: Er, that's the Nauglamír...

Enterprise, "Regeneration": Whee, Archer pulls a Janeway! (Err, srroz, didn't mean to rejoice at Borg-trasking. #-))

[1] Yoj's use of the term kilifili (killfile) makes me acksherly say "kilifili" sometimes.
[2] If you memembered that this was Bifur, have a chunk of CHOKLIT and go read some other Tolkien boonks.


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