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Virtual Coconut Hangovers and the Character Meme

First and foremost!
Happy birthday, queenmidalah!

Many, many happy returns!

Man, odd chats last night. First there was lonsolo leading a rousing chorus of the Gilligan's Island theme, from which darana omitted "the professor". Shocked, I went off to sulk and craft coconut technology. Eventually this escalated into full coconut biowarfare when I constructed a coconut zat and unveiled my coconut death glider, in response to which burkhardt invoked the Coconut Cow (powered, apparently, by coconut cheese). I was hard at work on a coconaquadah reactor when, as burkhardt noted, an odd occurrence transpired. The CRG main room almost never has males only, and after masteralida went to sleep shortly after 01:00 her time, it was down to burkhardt, lonsolo, and me. That's about as rare as a New Age Gigantimous Conjunction!1

Meanwhie, in #teunc, jereeza came in, powered by sheer teunce (that I also had) and some tiramisu (that I wished I had). She'd had an incredibly creative day - witness her sheer awesomeness here - and graced me and istari_ala with some of the creativity vibe. Let me tell you, when a trio of TEUNCs starts beaming creativity at one another in #teunc, it's something like a Dyson sphere. We were all up until about 01:00 our time (07:00 GMT!) and then I kept teunceing with Ala and nobuddy69 until about 03:30. By 04:30 I'd puttered out and settled in to watch the first half of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

And now, it is time for this meme I saw with havocthecat and thanatos_kalos:
It's time for the whole "Ask My Characters A Question" meme. Ask any character in any of my stories a question, and you shall receive an answer!

My characters from the Cantina Roleplayers' Guild (CRG) are all listed here, here, and here, though they are just RP characters and not all featured in stories. Mind you, I'd rather answer questions about tanelos, whose first seven and a half chapters are all posted here, but I know most of you all haven't read it (yet).

1 Oddly enough, I tried googling for the date of some event in the late 1980s or early 1990s that was said to occur only once every 20000 years or so. I must admit I wasn't paying much attention at the time. I can't find any mention of it - have the Illuminati beaten me to it, or have the New Age people already fluffed themselves out of the very space-time continuum?


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